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Our Secret Shopper takes a look at the getting online household insurance quotes. Both in terms of policy pricing and how long it takes to get an insurance quote.

Don't forget to read the household insurance website reviews below the insurance pricing tables as cheaper household insurance policy may not cover you for what you need. Click on the links below to jump directly to a review of the insurance company

Privilege Insurance
Direct Line
Budget Insurance
LLoyds TSB
Insurance Supermarket

22 year old single female, living in a rented 2-bed semi detached house in Cambridge built in 1995 and valued at 150k, no security systems. Contents only household insurance for value up to 15000k.

Example Insurance Quote: Disclaimer
Household Insurance Company Insurance Quote Insurance Notes
Budget Insurance £165 See Notes on Budget Insurance site
Esure £114 Voluntary excess £50
Direct Line £89 Voluntary excess £150
Tesco Insurance £85 Voluntary excess £100
Churchill £83 Voluntary excess £100
Privilege 72 Voluntary excess £100
Insurance Supermarket.com £51 Insurer - Halifax, conditions apply
Halifax NA

unable to quote based on information provided

Lloyds TSB insurance NA

unable to quote based on information provided

40 year old married male, living in a mortgaged 3-bed detached house in Cambridge built in 1975 and valued at 300k. House has a professionally installed and maintained alarm system. Building and Contents (£28,500) household insurance.

Example Insurance Quote: Disclaimer
Household Insurance Company Insurance Quote Insurance Notes
Churchill £327 Voluntary Excess £100
Halifax £283 Excess info not easily available
Direct Line £277 Voluntary excess £150
Tesco Insurance £258 Voluntary excess £100
Privilege £239 Voluntary excess £100
Esure £217 Voluntary excess £100
Budget Insurance £200 Contents value up to £30,000 for same cost
Insurance supermarket.com £162

Insurer - Halifax, conditions apply

Lloyds TSB insurance NA

Error message, unable to quote

PRIVILEGE Household Insurance

A very easy to use quote system, with all the information available within one click. Each quote took about 2-3 minutes. Privilege offer a 25% introductory discount when you buy online, a further discount may be offered if you also have car insurance with Privilege. For each of the quotes compulsory excess, ( in addition to the voluntary excess) is as follows:

Content Insurance- Accidents or Damage GBP25, Loss or Damage in the course of removal to a new home GBP25.

Buildings Insurance - Subsidence, heave or Landslip GBP1000, Accidental damage GBP25

Personal Possessions Insurance - The same as your contents voluntary excess but subject to a minimum of GBP50

All other insurance sites will offer similar excess charges, but you should check each policy carefully before making your decision

This site offers to you Personal Possessions Cover minimum of GBP2500 with a single item limit of GBP1500. This provides cover for your belongings against accidental loss or damage outside of your home. The system automatically estimates the rebuilding and contents value of your home, which can be changed, you can also change the sums of what is insured and change the policy excess and get a re-quote. Also offered are Accidental Damage ,which is additional cover against other accidental damage i.e. Drilling through a pipe or wall, dropping an ornament. Family Legal Protection is also offered which provides a 24hr helpline to give advice on private legal matters and up to GBP50,000 to pursue certain claims such as you slip and injure yourself on a wet supermarket floor, this is automatically ticked in the quote so do watch out as it will make your premium higher.
Underwritten by Direct Line Insurance.

DIRECT LINE Household Insurance

A very similar insurance quote system to Privilege. Very quick and easy to use, with all information available within one click. As with Privilege, each quote took about 2-3 minutes. The homepage offers 10% discount when buying online. Further discounts are available off car, pet, travel insurance and Home response 24 if you have your Home Insurance with Direct Line. The home page features benefits of purchasing your insurance with Direct Line, and also their Mortgage Rates. In addition to the voluntary excess the compulsory excesses are exactly as above for Privilege. Personal Possessions Cover, Accidental Damage and Family Legal Protection are also offered exactly as above, as is the ability to change the sums insured. The only main difference between this site and the one above (besides being slightly more expensive) is that it also offers to quote their mortgage rates for you if you wish to change lenders.

TESCO Insurance Services

25% discount for new customer online insurance purchase plus the opportunity to earn Tesco Clubcard Points. Home page offers a comparison chart between Tesco and 5 other major household insurance suppliers. Another very quick and easy site to use with each quote taking about 2-3 minutes. They do not ask if the house is rented, mortgaged owned etc. Information is easily accessible within one click. They also give you the opportunity to get car insurance quoted at the same time. Personal Possessions Cover, Accidental Damage and Family Legal Protection are also offered exactly as with Privilege, as is the ability to change the sums insured. In addition to the voluntary excess the compulsory excesses are also exactly as above with Privilege.
Underwritten by UK Insurance Ltd.


A very tedious insurance quote system to use! Each quote took about 4-5 minutes. You need to free-text your occupation in and then it comes up with an error and you need to pick from one of the system's preferred wordings of an occupation! Very time consuming. The quote system asks all about construction of walls and roof, types of locks on doors and windows, when the house is occupied etc. Can choose standard contents insurance up to 30000k or select own value (I selected 15000k to keep in comparison with the other quotes). For the first quote I selected a contents value of 15000k. Also high risk items up to 7500k or select own value and High Risk single article limit up to 1500k or select own value( I left these to the defaulted amounts). Bicycles can also be selected valued at GBP350 or over for cover. The cover found by the system was offered by Towergate Insurance for the first quote.

For the second quote the insurance was offered by Sterling Insurance. They automatically give you 30000k contents insurance for the same price as 20C. For each of the quotes there was a brief explanation of their excesses in a side box, these did not state if they were the voluntary or compulsory excesses, and further information was not easy to obtain.

The homepage offers average savings of GB* and also some of the benefits of purchasing home insurance with them.

CHURCHILL Household Insurance

Homepage offers guaranteed 20% introductory insurance discount for the first year, plus the 10% online discount. Each quote is easy and quick to do, with each quote taking about 2-3 minutes and all information available within one click. The minimum contents cover that they offer is K. In addition to the voluntary excess, which can be lowered by paying a higher premium, the compulsory excesses are as follows:

Building Insurance - Subsidence, heave or landslip GBP1000

Contents Insurance - Loss or damage in the course of removal to a new home GBP50

Home emergency legal service is also offered for a higher premium and personal possessions with a minimum of GBP2500 and a limit of Capek per item. Churchill also ask if you have any claim free years.

LLOYDS TSB Insurance

These guys offer a 15% discount for booking insurance online. They search 9 of the leading home insurers for the best price and then claim to take an extra 15% off the price. The homepage shows the benefits of purchasing your home insurance with Lloyds TSB. The quote process starts with a long list of questions which need to be answered yes/no to, these are already defaulted so be careful you answer correctly. The quote process took a bit longer about 4 minutes, however for the first quote they were unable to offer me a quote online, they gave me a reference number and the choice to either arrange a time for them to call back, or their telephone number for me to call them. For the second quote an error message came up with a telephone contact for me to call Lloyds. With two different quotes coming up like this, personally I couldn't be bothered to try Lloyds again!

ESURE Household Insurance

The homepage offers a 10% discount for booking online, plus a 30% discount when purchasing building and contents insurance online. The next page goes into the benefits of purchasing your insurance through them. The quote system wasn't the easiest to use, but was still fast enough for each quote to only take 2-3 minutes. For the first quote I changed the voluntary excess to GBP100 to see if there would be a major difference in premiums and it only reduced the premium by about GBP2 ! The personal possessions was a standard GBP2500 with max per item of GBP1500. I could not easily access the information on what Esure's compulsory excesses were. Also offered for a higher premium were family legal protection, home emergency and pest cover.


This website scans 60 of the leading household insurers to find the best deal for you. The quote process is easy and takes about 2-3 minutes. The cheapest one found for the first quote was through Halifax, unlimited contents cover with a GBP100 voluntary excess (you can choose the cover and excess that you wish to pay in the quote process), and included a discount for 5 years no claims. From this page you could then go on to read the details and apply online. For the second quote, Halifax also provided the cheapest quote, providing full rebuilding costs and unlimited contents insurance, GBP100 voluntary excess, with a discount included for 5 years no claims. Overall an excellent site to give you an overview of what you could get, the only downside was the number of pop-ups which continually come up.


The homepage offers 20% online insurance discount, and states that GBP106 is the average saving made by customers who switch to them. They also offer a variety of other discounts and the homepage goes on to explain the benefits of Halifax Home insurance. Interestingly, the Halifax website was not able to do my first quote, and came up with a lot higher price for the second one, based on the same information that was provided to Insurancesupermarket.com who came up with a very cheap quote using Halifax. I tried to play around with things but couldn't get a price to match anywhere near this at all! The Halifax site was also difficult to find easy access to the information about excesses, etc.

Household Insurance Quote Summary 

As you can see there is quite a wide range of difference between this selection of different household insurance providers and what they charge for insurance based on the same information. The difference between the prices for the first quote was GBP114 and the second GBP166. Whilst I did not go into the fine print for every quote it is obvious that it pays to shop around. The easiest sites to use by far were Privilege and Direct Line insurance. They were simple, quick and all the information was readily available. The "Insurancesupermarket.com" website came up with the cheapest quotes by far, by doing it's own search through a number of insurance providers websites. Obviously, you must always read the policies and compare "apples with apples", and make sure there are no hidden clauses that could cause you grief down the track. Good Luck!

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