Christmas Shopping

10 top tips on how to make Christmas shopping a painless process

With winters fast approaching, one can already hear the chime of jingle bells. This season despite its cold is about families and friends and giving to each other – that’s where the warmth of the whole season lies. One of the most important aspect of Christmas or any festival is shopping. From buying home decorations, to Christmas gifts to clothes and accessories for your own self. These are all very important parts of Christmas shopping and can cause you a lot of stress. Because all this shopping will also require you to spend a lot of money and that combined with people’s expectations can be quite stressful.

So here are some tips for reducing this stress and making Christmas shopping a painless process:

Start saving money and plan out a budget for all your Christmas shopping. Starting your shopping earlier means you can make use of some of the sales or have enough time to hunt for bargain deals and look for online discount vouchers. They can save you a bunch of money and many a times stores have deals which give you one of the items at a lower price or for free if you buy a particular item.

Buying presents can be extremely costly and most likely to give you a headache, especially if you have a large family and huge circle of friends. You can avoid these costs by changing the ways presents are bought among large families. You can suggest that each group buys presents for a different group in the family, for instance one family takes up the responsibility of buying gifts for the children, the grandparents etc.

When you go out for shopping, think ahead. Make a list and only buy those items. This will save you time and you won’t run into unnecessary expenses.

Another important part of Christmas celebrations is cooking meals for your friends and family. Because this is a time when everyone gets together, you might end up having to cook for really large groups of people. Delegating tasks can reduce the burden on you. Also, you can arrange a buffet platter where everyone brings a dish.

Try and arrange for after-lunch activities. This can help family members bond with each other and also avoid discussing touchy topics.

While you are at it, do a little extra to get closer to family and friends you might not have had interaction with over the year. Send them cards and invites if possible. Christmas is really the time to forget old differences and strengthen old bonds of love and friendship and you should use this opportunity to your advantage.

 You can also save yourself a lot of trouble if you start shopping early and do not leave matters at the last moment. Buying a few extra gifts is also a good idea as you never know what unexpected guest might show up this Christmas. Take time out to know what some of your close friends and family members might want for Christmas, especially children. They wait the whole year for Christmas and presents. Buy rubber ducks or stuffed toys for very little children. They will be happy anyways.

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