Different Forms and Transport and Travel

There are many alternatives to travelling by car, and these are often the only travel methods available for holidays further afield. You may wish to take a plane to a far off country, or maybe even go by boat on a cruise. But also don’t forget there are many transport options for every day use as well, taking the train to work, the bus or the underground, or even taking the more healthy option of cycling or working to work.

Sadly most of us take the car to work, over 70% infact according to the office of statistics. It is a shame that we dont consider the use of other forms of transport more often. Car journeys are often stressful and time consuming, not to mention bad for the environment. Other forms of transport may be far more appealing if you look into them. Have a look around this section and make up your own mind.

Transport Articles: Disclaimer
Transport Article About the article Date
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