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Getting travel insurance when you are over 65 is often quite tricky, especially if you want to get cheap travel insurance! The following quotations were obtained online for people over the age of 65, (but various other age limits apply). Note that this travel insurance is for someone with no known existing medical conditions. Travel insurance premiums will vary depending on existing medical conditions.

To read on on what you should look out for when buying a travel insurance policy see our 'Travel-Insurance Tips ' page

Travel Insurer Price Age Limit Info
Marks and Spencer £109 69
Goldfish £83 69
Lloyds TSB £101 74 buy
Coventry Building Society £105 74
Eagle Star £111 85
Co-op £139 90
American Express £158 none buy

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Date Added: Saturday 9th February 2008

"Coventry Building Soc over 65 travel insurance Say £105 Quote £350+ ENOUGH SAID"