Train Travel

Train Travel

The Delights of Train Travel in the UK

I never thought I would be writing an article with a title along the lines of "The delights of train travel", but it appears that the time has finally come. Here I am, sat on at onderfully plush new Virgin train, contemplating the gridlocked city I have just left behind and enjoying the country views.

Travel from London to Newcastle by car is a tortuous journey, with the M25 and the M1 providing plenty of 'car park' jokes and complaints. The cost isn't insignificant either, with my car costing me around 35p per mile (see car running costs) the total journey would cost in excess of 200 pounds.

My train ticket cost £19

Yes, nineteen pounds for a return train ticket from London to Newcastle. Of course this is a pre-booked internet train ticket with no refunds, but the cost saving on taking the train is phenomenal!

And now I'm sat here, after having a little snooze and then a quick cup of coffee to wake me up, tapping away at my laptop (powered by from the train carriage) writing this article for the Whatprice website. I will arrive at my destination feeling far more refreshed and energetic than if I had been sat in the car, and I have also managed to clear a backlog of work in what would normally be wasted travelling time.

Train Travel Advantages

Train travel can be cheaper than taking the car
The train is far more relaxing
Ability to catch up with work whilst on the train
Toilet breaks whenever you like
The train buffet car provides better food than any service station
No traffic jams or crazy drivers to swear at

Oh look, there's a beautiful sunset out of the train window, I think I shall leave this article and contemplate it instead….

The delights of train travel

By Alastair Tayor

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"prices are too high and no discount for student and u cant buy ticket online for other your easier to buy fly ticket around the world then train ticket in england..."


"An idealised over simplification. One has to look at the cost of the journey. If you are lucky enough to live in a major town within 5 miutes walking distance of the station and your destination is within 5 minutes of the terminus then it might be worth a look but the liklihood is that the overall time and cost of travelling is much greater if there is a journey at either or both ends. If you already have a car your overheads will be much the same whether you take the car or not and a low consumption vehicle will easily be around 10p per mile. Trains dont do door to door and if you live in the countryside train journeys are crazy. If I want to travel to london via cambridge its a 40 mile round trip to the station plus costly car parking when you get there and a train journey that never fails to induce a head ache - I have done it more times than I care to remember. Its not the price of the ticket that counts its the over all cost of the journey not forgetting cost of lost business when things dont run to time. "

Alan Webster

"i delight in train travel, yes sometimes its horrible when theres something delaying the silly thing. Train travel might get expensive like geni says, but usually if you travel alot by train you can get a monthly ticket or some form af price cut card. I grew up where public transport was non existent pr just to plain horrible (South Africa)a and in comming to Holland its been an utter delight to go and get where I need to be without being old enough to drive a car. yeah it takes a bit longer sometimes...but choice is always good "


"What a load of rubbish! Train travel is normally more expensive than taking the car The train is far from relaxing, little chavs on the trains, people on there phones, bloody ipods, smelly food etc Ability to catch up with work whilst on the train (bloody annoying everyone else in the process) Toilet breaks whenever you like (have you ever used a toilet on a train!!!! services stations are actually usable) The train buffet car provides better food than any service station (again I don\'t think you\'ve been to a service station recently). No traffic jams or crazy drivers to swear at (thats is true but at least your in control unlike being stuck on a non moving train for four hours with no info) Oh look, there\'s a beautiful sunset out of the train window (oh look my car also has a window and it has some decent views instead of graffiti) "