Regional Electricity Prices

Average Regional Electricity Bills

How much does the average cost of lighting and/or heating your home using electricity vary in different parts of the country? The table below shows the data we have collected from user submissions. The average price per bedroom is shown.

One can see that it appears from this data that electricity bills, on the whole, get more expensive the further north you go. Is this surprising? I guess one expects heating and lighting costs to increase the further north you go but not on such a comparatively small scale as the UK.

The economics of the situation, as far as electricity usage rates are concerned, are that you are better off living in the south!

Electricity Bills by UK Region: Disclaimer
Regional Area Average Electricity Bill per bedroom Estimated Range of Prices* Number surveyed
Wales £257 £208-306 40
Scotland (Highlands) £316 £228-403 19
South West £323 £287-358 170
North West £330 £290-369 125
Midlands £333 £296-371 185
North East £336 £279-394 97
East Anglia £338 £295-382 127
South Coast £354 £282-425 48
South East £357 £328-386 356
Scotland (lowlands) £391 £316-465 68
Scottish Isles £419 £208-629 8
Data until 2017-01-01

*Why the range of values? Well the data we collect doesn't specify electricity usage. Some people just use electricity to light their homes and run appliances and others to heat their property as well. Obviously this has a huge impact. For a relatively small sample range these details can skew the data. 

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Other electricity pricing data has shown that there can be up to £70 difference per bedroom between suppliers. What is interesting in this data is that the variation exceeds that down to supplier alone and some aspect of geographical location must come into it. The other way of looking at this is that the variation in regional areas is mostly caused by longitude and supplier variation is skewed by where the main customer base is!

It's true that you you are more likely to have to use electricity as a household heating means in a rural area than an urban one. This again could skew the data as Northern England and Scotland are, on the whole, more rural than Southern England.

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