Regional Gas Prices

Average regional Gas Bills

How much does the cost of heating your home and/or cooking with gas change as one looks in different regions of the UK?

The prices have been gathered from visitor surveys and no normalisation of the data has been carried out for gas supplier price variation nor indeed whether the bills were for cooking or heating or indeed both. The price shown is per bedroom of the property and all types of property have been surveyed and the average price found. The price is per year.

It can be seen that the range of prices is considerably smaller than for electricity which tentatively showed a trend of higher electricity useage the further north you went. Here there is clearly no trend. Mains gas is mostly an urban utility and is generally cheaper to heat your home with than electricity.

Gas Bills by UK Region: Disclaimer
Regional Area Average Gas Bill per bedroom Estimated Range of Prices* Number surveyed
East Anglia £242 £205-279 70
North East £260 £224-297 90
Scotland (lowlands) £263 £212-314 38
South West £268 £227-308 101
Scotland (Highlands) £270 £136-404 10
South Coast £271 £204-338 22
Midlands £278 £250-306 163
Wales £284 £216-352 39
South East £288 £263-313 284
North West £289 £250-329 139
Data until 2017-01-01

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"all v interesting but it doesnt state if these are monthly quarterly or yearly bills - well done (Admin: Thanks. Added)"

sally lewis