Married Costs

The Cost of Getting Married in the UK

If you are getting married in the UK there are a large number of wedding options available to you, from a simple marrige in a recption office right through to a wedding in St Paul's Cathedral followed by a Recption at the Ritz.

The table below indicates some typical costs associated with getting married in the UK, but please, fill in the details on how much it cost you to get married and we will publish them!

 Marrige Item Details of the Wedding Total Cost to Get Married
 Wedding Fees Register Office Notice Fee £43.50
 Wedding Fees Married in a religious building where a Registrar attends £50.50
 Total Marrige Cost Average total cost of getting married. All inclusive of wedding, reception, rings, flowers and honeymoon £17,500
 Wedding Clothes Purchase of Wedding Dress £700
 Wedding Clothes Hire of Groom and Best Man Wedding Suits £150
 Wedding Clothes Purchase Bridesmaids dresses £300
 Photography 1 Photographer for formal and informal shots £750
 Photography Video of Wedding and Reception £600
 Flowers Flowers for Church and Reception £160
 Wedding Fees Typical Church Marrige Fees £400
 Rings Purchase 2 wedding rings £2,000
 Car Hire Limosine to wedding and car hire for some guests £300
 Cake 3 tiered cake £200
 Reception Hire of reception, finger buffet and provision of some alcohol (1/2 bottle wine each) 

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"we have been today to book wedding room, and book registrar, to book room is £365 to book the registrar is going to cost £450. The registrar informed us today that her fees are almost doubling, because the council have decide they are not charging enough"

S Jones

"I remember being appalled by the quotes we received when trying to have our wedding last year (13/02/2010). To get around this we deliberately got married out of the normal wedding season and managed to get discounts because of it. It also helps to buy things from one source to make more of a saving. I used a company in the West Midlands called Excelsior Events for all the reception stuff e.g. Chair covers, vases, fancy lighting etc and saved a packet. "


"notice of marriage £33.50 each. Registry office ceremony £47.50. Marquee in the garden, 30 friends, who when asked what is on our wedding list, we said "nothing, just bring something for the BBQ / party. Alcohol supplied by brother, marquee blagged for free from a mate. Photography free by student photographer. Guest book was a gift when we got engaged. Total cost to us : £150.00 including the invites, decorations, etc. "


"remember the only necessary part is the the notice fee and registrars fee you can get married for just £100!!! "


"can do it for £4000"