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About Us

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Why are we doing this? Well, the initial idea was born out of frustration at seeing so many programs on TV which show people getting ripped-off again and again by cowboys.

Programs like Rogue Traders and Watchdog do an excellent job of highlighting specific companies that have a poor history, but they cannot cover every dodgy company.

Question: What would we do if we were unsure as to how much a piece of work should cost? Well, we'd ask a friend or relative, but if they didn't know who then?

Wouldn't it be great if there was an easy to use website that offered advice on how much jobs should cost, tips on getting the best deal and insider knowledge into how a job should be done?

Whatprice collects pricing information and displays it in an easy to understand format so that you can make the right choices

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Whatprice.co.uk is a consumer information site providing pricing and other information primarily for the UK consumer. We collect and sort all manner of pricing information for jobs and services and display them in easy to understand charts, graphs and maps.

This site relies on YOU to provide us with relevant pricing information to help improve the accuracy of the site. Please fill in one of our feedback forms to help us and the public. Every single bit of pricing information helps us build up an accurate picture of how much it costs to live in the UK.

We also provide articles and information on a wide range of subjects, from DIY hints, Financial advice through to Health and Lifestyle information. Some of these articles are from other sources and reprinted with permissions whilst others are written by the Whatprice team.

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"I found the pricing information useful. Are the daily painting costs per tradesman or for a 2 man team?"


"Regarding the \'Building prices for House Building Total Cost of project\': when youi say M2 - do you have to calculate the area of the ground floor and upper; or is it the just the foundations of ant area? jbower@southwolds.notts.sch.uk"

John Bower