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11 January 2010 Yeah still doing stuff. JP

8th June 2008 Have updated the layout of the site with a slightly different look. Comments so far are that it looks better.

From an stats point of view we are still trying to shake off the -950 which comes and goes. I'm wondering now about having a pure AJAX menu system for visitors but let google find its way around via the hierarchical structure of the site. So links off home page to subnavs to articles etc.

Prices form: Still working on it. Looking good, but gearing up to the nightmare that will be in integrating it due to its differences with existing system (what system?). 

Server: Been offered a move to new server. Need to check scripts will run and then work out how to move nameservers without having any downtime. JP

28 March 2008 Ooh a while again. Stats still up and down. Most of the pages are auto generated now and re-fresh each night with latest prices. Still trying to get a better version of the prices form for collecting data but have a prototype running. Google keeps finding missing pages but can't find out where they are coming from. Using Xenu to fix any broken links it finds. Not too many it says, but google says loads yet where are they? If only it would tell you the referring page like Xenu does! Comments works well, some good, some bad, mostly constructive either way. JP

21st August 2007 Stats bad still.  This is quite a long period of time for us to be 'down'. I've been deletifng pages making re-directs consolidating pages etc. About 150 gone so far. Starting to see a shift downwards in the number of pages google recognises so hopefully in the next few days we'll see an improvement.
Actually the poor stats has been a bit of an incentive to get things sorted out. Nothing like a problem to solve to get the juices flowing. Without issues you can become complacent, which we did.
Features we will hopefully be adding in next month or so:

  1. Comments at bottom of most pages so we can get user feedback on accuracy and quality of information presented.
  2. Improved price submission. Something that works in all cases for starters.
  3. More unique researched articles.
  4. A forum less susceptible to bots and hence more useful.a
  5. Improved petrol prices data with synchronisation of databases.


17th August 2007 Been busy trying to find and fix potential issues with the site. Lots (too much) reading around about possible causes and not enough action though. I have created many new pages for the various fuel price pages we have and the plan is to redirect and remove any old ones to the new ones within the petrol-prices directory. I have also been doing that with some old (and largely duplicated) content sitting in the root directory. In all I've probably removed about 100 pages of stuff so far! I redirected the electrician and plumbing stuff to the new directories and re-wrote a lot of the pages whilst doing it. Once the 301 is in place and tested the old file CAN be deleted as the apache server doesn't need the old file to work.

Stats are still down with no current sign of movement up.

Been investigating alternatives to DW for coding. Tried Zend and EasyEclipse both OK but DW is what I'm used to. Be nice to have something that combined phpmyadmin and php coding in one easy to use interface ala Access... 

Trying to synchronise the MSQL and MYSQL servers data, getting there just need to set aside a block of time to do it. Hopefully soon as data from the old php/mysql forms is getting thin on the ground in favour of the asp/msql driven maps JP

10th August 2007 Site is going badly at the moment! Maybe I can just alternate between two statements for the rest of my life good/bad/good/bad... Thing is we really aren't sure what we have done, if anything. Is it a -950 or -30 or minus some other number between 1 and err a google? I'm pretty sure we have been penalised for something. For instance, I wrote a page on the link between petrol and oil prices a while back. If I search for "petrol oil price whatprice" we come out about half way up on the last page of results. The same is true of several other searches where we were previously top 3, we are now almost last. I suspect and hope that the next time we are 'up' in the serps they will go back to number one - but why are we so near to the filter limit?
Well, whilst I will continue to rant and rage privately we are trying to move on. I'm still working on new price submission format which will cunningly double as a price calculator (maybe) if I can get it to hang together correctly. The scripting language works well, though could do with some error checking to prevent database errors showing up on the page. We went through and corrected all duplicate H1, title and filename duplicates and are constantly looking to remove and redirect old versions of pages to new ones using 301's. Thing is I don't know how long you have to leave the original on the server before its OK to delete? Currently thinking about how to best synchronise the two database types we have msql and mysql on different servers - historical reasons. I need to nag our hosts to upgrade our site from php 4 to something that supports mssql if we want to automatically do it. It's difficult to develop stuff on the latest editions (e.g. mysql 5 and php5, apache 2.2) yet have it work on php4.
So focus is on back to basics, more quality pages, better prices, easier to find navigation. JP

19th July 2007 Site is going well at the moment. The structure to the navigation is finally falling into place and we can actually find articles again! I 'finally' wrote the code for making tables of prices and articles etc, seems to work well. Hopefully, I can now finish a revamp of the pricing database to make it easier to input and output prices so that it can become more complete and ultimately more useful to our visitors. Just had Tom implement a nightly generation of RSS feeds which looks good and can be accessed of every page as either a subnav or tabnav feed. Had another Google drop a week or so ago but recovered at the moment. I wondered whether it was an accidental drag and drop copy of one of our article directories that appeared like duplicate content, AT isn't sure, but you can only grasp at straws on these issues. JP

20th April 2007 Ali has added a forum to the site, which so far is going well.The main issue, as with any forum, is not to spend  hours 'lurking' on it and actually do some work. Stats are currently back up, but that could and has changed in a day before. We are in the process of re-structuring the site - again! It's really hard with a big site with lots of sub topics to have a simple navigation system. We are going to make index pages for all the subnavs and auto fill them with latest articles tables and relavent prices tables. That's what I'm working on and getting the article database to accept and create php pages as well. We are also going to physically move the pages into sub directories based on subnav and set up 301 re-directs to keep the page rank. It will be interesting to see what effect physical clustering of related articles has, if any, on the search engine rankings. JP

30th March 2007 Haven't updated this for 6 months again. Stats are appalling, simply rubbish. Peaked at over 15000 visitors a day post budget with help from the car tax page and then it collapsed by about 80%. Bloody Gordon Brown! That's pretty soul destroying when your site decays into something it was two years ago. Been trying to understand the reasons for the collapse. Obviously its some algo tweak that has hit hard on us, but why? Since then have made changes to the on page SEO such as bold and italic font (removed) and removed some pages (such as petrol prices) which could be seen as duplicate content - but really aren't! we have also dropped off the map for the main petrol prices search phrase, not even top ten for the serps. We are also taking this as an opportunity to tidy up the site navigation and database entries again. soon we will be publishing a whole new raft of index pages for each subnav category to make it easy to find things and show recent articles etc.

On a more positive note I have been creating a few new calculators and am revamping the prices section to streamline it a bit more. Overall the worrying thing for me is that we have never bounced up and down this much this quickly in the google serps without there being a fairly major algo change - that no one seems to be talking about. *sob* JP

20th March 2007 Again pretty slow with the site updates! The whole site has been completely revamped and given a new look. Also all information is now stored in a central database meaning changes and tweaks to the site can easily be applied across all pages at once! All the work really seems to have paid off with the site looking a lot cleaner and easier to use as well as traffic going through the roof! All sorts of records where broken last month (despite a scary drop in Google hits for a week or so)

The Sub directories /prices/ provide a dedicated area to database driven pricing and the sub directory /advice/ contains all third party articles. We are continuing to improve the content of the site and have recently started to add some pricing calculators.

2nd Jan 2007 Added a couple of map based pricing systes over the last few months, a easy to use google based map system. The two topics that are currently covered are "Petrol Prices" and "Dentists". We hope to expand on this in the next few months.

30th Sept 2006 Whooo, what happened to the updates??? Work has continued, but nothing has been added to this page for several months. Much of the same in terms of site development, more content, more optimisation and more automated stuff. So much that it is hard to remember it all! AT

22nd June 2006 Been busy doing coding stuff. Quite a bit of behind the scenes code to do with article administartion, sort of content management. Writing code that takes our database info and generates static html that Google can actually see. Been trying to use class and function structures. Starting to see some benefit when doing new tasks, but an uphill struggle none-the-less. Also trying to keep my hand in writing articles. Been noting down my experiments in cooling my conservatory, without much success so far. Also as AT said I have been 3 full-ish days a week on this now since end of April. Quite enjoying it so far, but there is so much to do - JP

19th April 2006 Second edition of the newsletter has been delay as I was only holiday for a month! JP has announced that he is cutting down his main work hours to spend more time on Whatprice and other projects, so hopefully we should see some major improvements to the site in coming months, including incorporation. The Easter break has given our stats a nice little 'bounce' with a record number (9000) visitors per day after the bank holiday weekend. AT

23rd Feb 2006 Launched a 'Whatprice Newsletter', which will contain useful excerpts and comments about the research done on this site. First issue will be released in a few days. Company meeting to discuss the development of a new Petrol Pricing section, complete with a whole new user interface. Top secret stuff, but coming soon!

Mel is working hard on publishing a load of articles and has just started some 'secret shopper' tasks where she searches the web for the best prices on various services. Stats continue to hold nice and steady after the last big jump (over 10,000 page views a day!) but we hope to increase on that with the recent increase in activity. AT

9th Feb 2006 Started adding various entertainment sections to the growing list that is handled via databases and php. Actually making an effort to write re-usuable code as well. Whatprice had its first conference call last night, well officially anyway. Getting input from one of AT's friends on database design and software so we discussed what had been done already via Skype. Really useful way of reviewing html and code. JP

7th Jan 2006 Happy New Year everyone! It may have been a while since adding anything to this log, but plenty has been happening! There is a new How-I section which will hopefully generate some additional feedback from our viewers. There have been improvements to our article database, and we are also working on a whole NEW petrol prices section, so watch this space! Stats were down a bit over Christmas, but have come back with a vengance, all those post festivity DIY jobs are probably being tackled

We also have a another editor of the site. Will Bradley is working on the database side of things to slicken everything up somewhat. AT.

27th November 2005 Whatprice hits the local radio station with a phone in interview on the Paul Miller , a BBC local radio station that covers Oxford, Kent, Berkshire and Southampton. The site was featured a few months ago on the show as a "good indepandant site with honest information", and so they brought me on for a 30min interview about the site, what we were trying to achieve and how we were getting there. Good publicity! Net month I'm aiming for the front cover of Time magazine.... AT

6th October 2005 Added a graphing function for all the fuel pages. Also a search function for the cheapest petrol in your local town or city. Created a new table in the dB which saves utility bill pricing and automated the output of that data (one page at the moment due to limited data). Plus currently reading up on javascript, more php and mysql and soon advanced css file techniques - helps me sleep somewhat. Basically all database stuff! JP

21st September 2005 The petrol pages go from strength to strength! A while back we added email a friend which has resulted in people recommending our site to others. Also expanded the range of pricing pages, so whatprice now looks at Vet bills, child care, utility bills and even cinema ticket prices. AT

12th September 2005 Getting tonnes of feedback on fuel costs, so added new pages on LPG prices (which is currently much cheaper than unleaded and diesel). Also, quite a lot of work on administrative php pages that allow us to share articles we have written and to generate static html from them. JP

29th July 2005 Been doing loads on php and mysql. The final aim is to make the gathering and presentation of data more automated. Its getting there but can take hours of time just to do a simple page. The next project is to tackle the main pricing pages - building, gardening etc. The hardest bit is due to the scope and variety of the data we get, how do you write a data entry form for it? Anyway site is going very well though, but waiting for next Google crash! JP

26th June 2005 The stats continue their roller coaster ride, and we are enjoying massive numbers of visitors at the moment. Hopefully it will last. JP has made great progress with the PHP databases and we shall see some big changes to the site over the next few months. Another major section is being created (Entertainment) as well as the usual content updates. AT

22nd May 2005 Hazel has been working on some employment pages as well as house-buying, and JP has been coming on in leaps and bounds on the database side of things. Have steadily been adding more content, cleaning up the look of the pages and investing some time in looking at keywords. now has a 'look' to it, and the plan is to start promoting that site as well as a few others (including, perhaps,

28th April 2005 Hurray. Finally after more than 2 years I've finally gotten round to connecting to a database and automating the entry of data. The first is the petrol-prices page, for which we get a lot of feedback. JP

24th April 2005 A flurry of activity this weekend! Jon is making good progress on the PHP side of things (first mentioned in around March 04) and I have been generally revamping the site, with things such as the new housing market section, and tidying up old sections. We now have an automated way of generating sitemaps, which cuts down on the amount of Admin the site requires

We also now have two more people working on the site, Andrew is creating articles for us, and Hazel will be looking after a new section and other similar stuff.

After distastrous stats in the last few months caused by change in the Google algorithm, things seem to be picking up. Not only are we ranking a bit better in Google, but also Yahoo seems to be driving some traffic our way as well. Hopefully we are in for better times!

Registered a new site just got to decide what to do with it now... AT

17th April 2005 Started a crap lawn blog about trying to stop my lawn from being a breeding ground for thistles and moss. Gave me an excuse to buy a new didgital camera though! JP

10th Feb 2005 Splat! Stats fell like a stone at the start of this month, possibly something to do with update allegra in google. Common searches which we used to rank highly in no turn up, to be honest, junk. For example the 60% of the first 10 sites that "conservatory advice" returns are directories pointing to the same site (not ours). How is that useful to people searching for differing opinions on things? Anyway... I've created a php conservatory price calculator , quite easy to do just took time to do all the formatting correctly. Hopefully the first of many server side additions to our site that will ease the work load. JP

16th Jan 2005 A bumper start to the year with stats going through the roof! Updated some of the pricing pages with the feedback that we have been getting, and still steadily adding to the stream of articles. Mainly in Conservatory. JP

28th Dec 2004 Merry Christmas Everyone!! Our stats are still looking pretty depressingbut we are hopeful that they will pick up in the new year. Have published some Credit Card articles to try to help all those people who overspent during the festive season. Also am looking at encouraging people to place banner and text adverts with us. AT

6th Dec 2004 Woooah there! Whats going on with our site stats? 50% drop across the board?? Needs some serious investigation... AT

23rd Nov 2004 Looking at improving hits to the financial and Conservaratory sections as these are proving to be sucesseful pages. Adding title tags to as many html links as possible and trying to correct all the html errors that are in our code. Added 6 articles on debts and borrowing. AT

6th Nov 2004 Took a look at how much it costs to travel by train.Surprised at how cheap it is if you prebook! Just need to do boat and plane now. Also adjusted the menubar and tweaked a few health pages. AT

5th Nov 2004 Remember remember the 5th of November, gun-powder, treason, and the housing market. AT

4th Nov 2004 Added 4 more articles to the parenting section, AT has started a seperate site (which still involves me at a technical level) based on music reviews called MusicPark. I could review my old Madness LP's?....JP

31st Oct 2004 Created a whole subsection of gardening on fishing, fascinating information for all your fishing needs.... AT

28th Oct 2004 Seeing as I'm a busy parent and all I thought I'd create a new parent section spin-off from the health category. also been adding to the conservatory section. JP

15th Oct 2004 Created a whole subsection of gardening on Ponds, fascinating information for all your ponding needs.... AT

15th Oct 2004 Realised that a large part of the start of each page was taken up by javascript. Replaced it all with a call to a java file. May improve some search engine placement as content is nearer the top of the page. JP

10th Oct 2004 Getting interested in supplying our new articles as RSS feeds. This should supply RSS news feeders with our new articles when they are published (as long as the feed is updated too). It will be interesting to see if this 'blogger' and news provider technology is appropriate for Whatprice. AT

7th Oct 2004 I'm back post new baby, moving house, computer failure (again) and NTL problems (Gosh NO!). Been working on improving our search ranking in Yahoo, which sucks c.f. Google. Nothing startling yet. I've updated the conservatory section altering some grammar, keywords, link titles and adding a library function. JP

22nd Sept 2004 Replaced Whatprice JPEG logo with a GIF to reduce bandwidth and keep those poor people with dial up connections happy. AT

21st Sept 2004 Expanding the health section to include articles as well as pricing. Completed work on the 'related articles' drop down boxes. AT

18th Sept 2004 Added a plethora of new articles, a new bookmarking system, and have altered the pull down article box to only include articles that are relevant to the section you are in. Used Libraries for that. AT

30th August 2004 Have a new logo courtesy of Shine Design Ltd and took the opportunity to update the menu bar with new categories etc. Also added the google search function to all pages AT

28th August 2004 More prices in the Health section, and a new page on Petrol Prices, which I hope will generate large amounts of traffic (web traffic that is) AT

27th August 2004 Articles have trickled in from external sources, and have updated the Health section, which looks a bit different to the rest of the site...AT

17th August 2004 Traffic holding steady, and a few more articles have been harvested and added. The car section is proving to be quite popular - especially on car running costs. AT

10th August 2004 Traffic stats are beginning to dwindle a bit, but not surprising as the weather is no longer as good for home improvement, (and the site hasn't been updated for a while...). A new section has been added, all about cars. Whatprice wwas added to the Yahoo directory, but it seems to have made no difference; wont do that again. AT

30th June 2004 Created the long awaited garden section to compliment the new lawn section. Added som good gardening articles on Roses, Soil Conditions and Planting Seeds. Hopefully there will be plenty more to come! AT

29th June 2004 Applied to Yahooo directory, waiting for the results of our $299 spend... fingers crossed. Have spent a while adding embedded links for products via tradedoubler, hopefully to increase revenue as well as provide our readers with useful links. Have removed the robot commands discussed by JP due to concerns over being ignored by google completely. AT

28th June 2004 Happy birthday to me! AT

18th June 2004 The lawn mini section now has quite a few articles. I hoep to continue to add info to it so that it becomes a real resource for people on this topic. Repaired and replaced a few noscript errors in the template with robot commands so that Google doesn't index some the navigation words in the template that keep coming out on web page searches but read a bit crappy JP

13th June 2004 Sorted out the sitemap, something that was long overdue... All links are now absolute links, and there is some semblance of order to it all now! AT

13th June 2004 Turfing seems to be our most popular article at the moment, so to supply demand I am collating and adding to a new mini-section all about lawns. Not finished yet but Ive added an article on lawn mowers tonight after much head and other item scratching...JP

9th June 2004 Installed a number of page redirects to point peopel to the new locations for a lot of articles. The seeds of a new section have been sown with the new Dentist pages, with perhaps more pages on the cost of health to come...

Added a clutch or copyright free articles, mostly to the new household section. In talks with a design company who are going to look at improving the look of the site, in exchange for advice optimising web sites for search engines. So watch this space! AT

5th June 2004 Tried to eliminate all the wasted space on the main template so that the top third of the page isn't all menu bar and page title. Hope this will mean that people actually get to read the page content before hitting the back button. Been just generally thinking about the layout of the pages, in particular the home page. I have changed all (I think?) links within the site to absolute. Means that previewing the page links offline is a pain (well impossible actually!), but avoids any chance of search bot confusion over them. .JP

1st June 2004 Another Whatprice meeting, this time over Fish and Chips. Have filled in the forms to become an 'unincorporated partnership' to try to make sense of the tax issues. Have also tried to tidy the site up and reduce the number of defunct pages that exist on the server. It took rather longer than expected...AT

29th May 2004 Think I've finished the conservatory section. Breaking the site up into little sections is convenient to work on. Site stats have gone through the roof. Thanks everyone! JP

27th May 2004 Have been working on the file structure of the site and dividing it up into more discrete areas. This has proved necessary due to the large number of pages and topics that now exist. In an attempt to rationalise it all we have been working on some 'mini-home' pages, such as the new conservatory section, and also creating home pages for older sections such as tradesmen, finance, environmental, and travel. AT

22th May 2004 Slowly building up the conservatory section. Takes time reading up on different sites about what is important and what's not, looking at the prices various manufacturers quote, but hey that's why people read the site, because we've done the donkey work first. Also corrected a few alarming spelling mistakes on some of the pages (notably AT misspelling the word MORTGAGE several times.) Won't get many hits on Google for that page - apart from poor spellers. I'm crap at spelling as well. We're both techno-bods which is our excuse. JP

20th May 2004 Added a conservatory section off the main building category of the menu and added two articles to its home page. More to come soon. Decided that this format of mini-home pages was a good one at our meeting last night and in process of re-structuring the site to do this to as many sections as possible. Hopefully this will enable easier site navigation and less confusion. Note to AT you overwrote my last entry again...... JP

19th May 2004 We are now getting over 1000 visitors a day! To celebrate this milestone a meeting was called, to be held down the pub. It was decided that the steak was very good, and that more work needs to be done on site navigation in general. Which led to this finance page been created. AT

12th May 2004 Added six or seven articles (copyright free from the web). Started to add links to the MoneyExtra financial pages, which will hopefully add a good source of income. Added ALT tags to the main menu, to improve the feel of the site, and to increase our keywords... AT

8th May 2004 Added a couple of more searchable finance sections accessible from our main menu this time. You can search for personal loans, credit cards and mortgages from the comfort of Whatprice in the safety of MoneyExtra! JP

6th May 2004 We've added a new page to the good ship Whatprice in which you can access a searchable financial services database backed by Chase de Vere Financial Solutions direct from our site. Two nights in a row. Have I gone mad? JP

5th May 2004 I have done some stuff on this site in the last year you know, but AT overwrote my reference to it :) Added an article and put a link to it on the drop down menu box that I added a month or so ago to the main template. JP

1st May 2004

10,000 visitors
27,000 page views
100,000 hits
In April

6th April 2004 Actually updated the articles index as planned. Added some articles on environmental issues, and created a new section to hold all the 'green' issues. Also added a 'news' section where important features (such as the guestbook) are mentioned.Need to update the menu system to reflect this.

JP has suffered a major computer crash, which he obviously cant tell us about as he has no internet access :-). AT

2nd April 2004 Spruced up the articles page and have plans to improve the whole indexing of that side of things. Added an article kindly contributed by a friend, Paul Harper. I think JP is working on some database system, and something to do with MoneyExtra, but I don't really know. AT

21st March 2004 More 3rd party articles, more keyword adding, especially to our pricing pages that are suffering from low search hits. .AT

18th March 2004 Added some more articles as supplied by 3rd parties. Updated some article keywords to try to improve the number of hits we get. Seems to be working...AT

7th March 2004 Very slow couple of months in terms of site development, although it hasn't affected our hits too badly. Added some articles as supplied by other companies, and JP is working on an automatic update system for the pricing pages. AT

30th Jan 2004 Added more 'inter linking' in the site, to try to tie together articles and category sections. AT

26th Jan 2004 More articles added, with a large financial section under construction . We are now offering small companies the opportunity to have a website as one of our subdomains, e.g. We have a meeting with the people who created the moneyextra web site on the 5th of Feb, so watch this space for any interesting news. We are also looking for people to assist in article production, databasing, and any other aspects of this web-site, as the work load is becoming increasingly high! AT

4th Jan 2004 Article production really seems to have sped up (probably due to the holiday period), with loads more on financial services such as loans etc. Also have published an archive of the old style web-site online, and will hopefully do this in future whenever the look of the site changes drastically. Ought to publish the very first site designs here too.. to see how much has changed! :-) Our site visits continue to increase, with Dec being our best month yet, and Jan already looking to beat that record. AT

1st Jan 2004 Getting sad now. New Years Eve, wife in bed with all-day morning sickness and I'm fixing bugs on the site. Let this be a warning to all would be site designers (and fathers). The menu now works properly and doesn't hang around when you OnMouseOut. Wrote an article on Buildings and Contents Insurance and also a quotation comparison page for a mystery home owner - not me at all. Happy New Year. JP

22nd Dec 2003 Lets Ho, Ho, Hope that my changes to the look of the site haven't completely screwed the site. At least no more than my accidental deleting of our articles folder. JP

3rd Dec 2003 Added a Google search bar to the main menus which will hopefully help visitors find information on pricing and stop them searching using our price submission section :) JP

2nd Dec 2003 Tidied up the site a bit, and split the household section into 4 main areas. Would like to create a menu system like the one at Screwfix with the 'pop out' sections on the menu bar. I also have a new job, as a Project Engineer at Syrris. Their site doesn't get a million hits a month... AT

25th Nov 2003 I've finally got round to updating that pricing database... Also made small corrections to the main template. Was going to add a google search bar but google keeps going belly-up. Maybe later. Looks like I've also got a new job, fingers crossed, as an R&D engineer at Splashpower Ltd. Their site gets a million hits a month. Good target to set, eh AT? JP

18th Nov 2003 Our web-traffic is increasing in leaps and bounds with over two and a half times as much traffic per day then we obtained during our 'sleep period' (July-Oct 03). To celebrate a new main section has been added called 'High Street' for now, which is aiming to detail the service charges that both high street stores and internet sites charge you. At the moment there are travel insurance costs, and delivery charges, hopefully more sections will be added. The main template as also been updated to accommodate this new section. AT

13th Nov 2003 Since starting to write new and informative (ahem) articles for this site a month ago we have now officially doubled the number of hits we get per day. So another article added, now we just need to update that pricing database... the article index has also been changed slightly to acclimate the large number of 'house' and 'gardening' articles that we have. AT

8th Nov 2003 Ah...such a nice sleep for the last few months. I wonder if AT has been doing anything on the site? Holy s**t he has! I better bitch about some stuff in an article and post it...JP

6th Nov 2003 Added another two articles, and created a new database on 'delivery charges'. I expect to see a lot of feedback from this new section...AT

29th Oct 2003 With the previous added articles generating a lot of traffic to our site we have decided to add a few more articles to obtain even more visitors. Two more added today. We also need to update the database of pricing information with all the info that people have supplied to us these last few months... AT

21th Oct 2003 Added another two articles, with affiliate links in the articles, hopefully to provide some decent targeted links for our visitors. With the content of the site now at a reasonable level it could do with a 'redesign' to make viewing and navigation easier. AT

17th Oct 2003 After a brief lull in activity for a few weeks (months) work has restarted. The new google adsense is being used to create targeted adverts to help our views find what they want, and two more articles have been added. Hopefully this will help to increase the number of people staying on our site to browse around, and increase the number of hits we get from search engines. AT

30th June 2003 Our vanity knows no bounds and we have decided to put a little bit of info on the site about us - if anyone is interested! JP


27th June 2003 Have improved the functionality of the 'info' links by creating a system of pop up windows that contain useful information and/or links. Need to automate this system if possibly as it is time consuming to set up for all entries. Created a 'How to use the tables' page and as a consequence of this have reshuffled a few page positions (including this one, 'site info'). Data is beginning to be submitted at an almost alarming rate, highlighting the need to write scripts to automatically update the tables. AT

21st June 2003 Added an articles section a few days ago and now, after much head scratching, have two articles. Google keeps finding us and we get some hits and then loses us. It could be something to do with us changing the site look and page content fairly regularly? JP

5th June 2003 Added more data and 'depth' to some tables, also increased number of 'buy' links. Added FORM boxes to a few of the tables so that people can enter their own feedback easily. Added a 'links' page for reciprocal links to try to aid ratings in Google and other search engines (11 links to us so far according to Link Popularity Checker). Started to experiment with PHP generated pages, and drop down menus for table generation. AT/DW

21st May 2003Finalised look of the site. Tidied up coding so that it should be easier to update in the future, also should be compatible with most web browsers. AT

17th May 2003 Changed the look of the site again. JP

15th April 2003 Tables content continues to grow, and plans are in action to create a PHP/mySQP database. Web-site now appears on google search engines, and a few hits have appeared. Site will be further optimized for search engines. Also the overall design of the site is being looked at, with the aim of producing a much slicker professional looking site. AT

12th April 2003 Re-designed site without frames, using graphical menu bars and 'playing' around with animated gif's etc. Updated tables with latest information. Had first meeting to discuss general design and project plan. Inserted META keywords and description, hopefully prior to search engine submission. JP/AT

7th April 2003 Added Javascript linking buttons, investigated several methods of having online form-filling. At present using a service provided by, but will switch to a 'non-advertising' method as soon as possible. Hopefully the online form will encourage people to supply their own data. JP/AT

4th April 2003 Redesigned site using frames in Word. Realised limitations of asking people to email and instead put first basic data entry form on site. The biggest issue is of course acquiring data.  JP

28th March 2003 Steep learning curve as neither of us have done any real website design or database programming before. Initially using Access to enter the data and exporting Access forms to static html files. Simple but effective. JP

21st March 2003 First site goes 'live', very simple in structure, but great to see! Using free hosting at to get started and having any hits to our domain at redirected to our site there. AT

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