Remodeling Your Bathroom

Bathroom Remodeling Will Add Beauty and Elegance

So you have decided to do some bathroom remodeling. And why not, this is your sanctuary. Whether it is your master, common or even guest bathroom, bathroom remodeling does not have to be complicated. If you are looking for a complete change or just to update some things, have fun and take your time. You will benefit from your hard work. There are many ideas out there for bathroom remodeling just make sure to get the most out of what space you have.

Remodeling Your Bathroom

Sometimes you need more than just a coat of paint.

Make a list of all your needs and wants. Take a look around in the stores and look through magazines to find what you like. Tour around on the Internet and you will find many ideas without even leaving your home. Bathroom remodeling will add value to your home if you decide to sell.

Here is a list of some bathroom vanities to think about when remodeling your bathroom:

Vanity Sinks: These have become the show pieces of a bathroom now. Vessel sinks installed on top of the counter come in many shapes and sizes, and are made of many different materials. Pedestal sinks are a stand alone sink great for small spaces but do not provided any storage. Wall mounted sinks are another that have no storage space. These protruding sinks from the wall make a statement all by themselves and are great for small spaces. You can even choose to have your sink molded right into your counter top; this will give you that clean line design. Or your sink might even be mounted on top of your counter or from underneath. Remember when choosing your sink to think about your vanity.

Counters: Many colors to choose from and different materials. Laminate, cultured, marble, granite, glass, ceramic tile and even wood to name some materials used for vanity tops.

Vanity Tables: Choosing your vanity table will depend on a number of items; how much space you have, will you require storage, and your style preference. Vanity tables come in a variety of different styles including antique, rustic, and contemporary modern. Your vanity table can be purchased as a set including a matching vanity stool giving you somewhere to sit whilst grooming.

Toilets: Choose not only a style you like but remember the water levels being flushed every time it is used. Try to pick one that is economical, so that you save on water.

Bathtubs: Do you need room for more than one person? From old to new, claw foot tubs give you a vintage look. Whirlpool tubs with air or water jets can be fantastic as well, but cost a whole lot more.

Showers: Showers do not have to be closed in any more. There are many to choose from depending on your needs and wants. Do you just want a shower that sprays from the top or do you want to go all out and have jets that spray you all over your body from different angles. Don't forget rails.

Faucets: There are many different varieties and finishes for your faucets. Remember your plumbing may need to be changed.

Vanity Mirrors: Styles and shapes of mirrors will make for the finishing touches. Remember to keep in mind your vanity size. There are even fog free mirrors, no more wiping your mirror after a hot shower.

Lighting: Very important to make sure that your vanity area is well lit. There are many styles to choose from. Do not forget about mood lighting too.

Tiling: Tile isn't just for your shower, tub surround or your vanity backsplash. Think about your walls and your floor. You can even have electric floor heating installed under the tile to keep your feet warm.

Accessories: From towel warmers to just towels. Bathroom accessories can blend right in or make a loud statement. Think about what you want on your vanity, your shelves, and your walls. These things even through they many be small are the finishing pieces to your bathroom remodeling.

As you can see when it comes to remodeling your bathroom there are a wide range of options available. Deciding on a bathroom plan should always be your first step, shop around and view all your option before you purchase anything. By keeping this in mind your bathroom remodeling can be an extremely enjoyable experience.

About the Author

About the Author

Scott Gray is a freelance author and web site publisher who provides useful information and money saving tips about bathroom vanities, vanity mirrors and makeup vanity options.