UPVC windows

Home Improvement With UPVC Window Frames

by: Adrian Jones

UPVC (unplasticised PVC) windows can be the ideal way to make a good impression when people visit your home. You can choose from sash windows or casement windows and have a range of features. Here are some reasons why PVC may be the right material for your new house windows.

PVC, called vinyl in North America, is a strong and durable material and it has become a popular choice for modern windows and doors. Most people now replace old house windows with UPVC windows and may include those as part of a package to modernise the house, with doors and a conservatory also included.

PVC windows are secure and easy to maintain 

There are several reasons to install windows of PVC when considering home improvement projects. The fact that they are weathertight is a major factor when remodelling. Double glazed UPVC windows consist of a membrane between two sheets of glass (hence the alternative term 'double glass windows'). This protects against heat loss and means that your heating bills will be lower once your new windows have been installed.

These windows also have security features such as a tight locking mechanism which makes them harder to break into than traditional windows - at least if it's a question of picking the lock. And many modern vinyl windows can be left ajar in the locked position so you can have both airflow and security.

When it comes to choosing new windows for your home, PVC or vinyl wins out over wood in many ways. In addition to the additional insulation that such windows provide, PVC requires considerably less maintenance than wood. There's no need to sand and paint every couple of years. Instead, soap and water should maintain a good finish for a decade or more.

Different styles of PVC windows 

One of the choices you will face when deciding on new windows for your home is the type of window you should select. These are likely to be either sash or casement. Sash windows are the windows that slide up and down and may have a locking mechanism at the top of the sash. Some sash windows are single, sliding one way only, while others are double, with both top and bottom panes able to move.

Casement windows are popular when it comes to UPVC windows. These are the windows that are hinged on the side and open inwards or outwards. Sometimes these windows can swing in several directions, to allow a fire exit or to increase the flow of air. Many companies that specialise in windows offer casement windows.

There are other options for using windows to dress up your home. In sunny areas, consider a slight tint to reduce the glare while keeping the light flowing in. You could also consider stained glass panels or leading to make your house windows stand out. And don't forget that you can also include clear or frosted glass panels at the side of a window fitting. Although these will not open, they will increase the amount of light coming into a room and make it a bright and pleasant environment. Whether you go for sash windows or casement windows, UPVC windows will be a beautiful and energy saving addition to your home.

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Adrian Jones has been involved in the home improvement market for many years. He writes articles outlining the benefits of using PVCu or Vinyl when replacing windows or doors as illustrated on http://www.atonicdoubleglazing.co.uk.

"As an alternative view, it needs to be stated that plastic windows are not maintenance free and do not last for ever. Plastic degrades just like any other material and many plastic windows need replacing after a couple of decades or even sooner. And they\'re difficult to repair.
It\'s also worth saying that plastic windows just do not suit older houses, and by removing original windows in favour of plastic units you can severely devalue your property. They are not the magic bullet they are often made out to be. "

Dan Stevens