Building Your Home

Six Steps to Building Your Own Home

by: Sara Green

It is possible for anybody to build their own home, they just need to plan carefully and follow the steps outlined below.

The most important aspect of building your own home is deciding on a budget. This will dictate each step of the process all the way through completion and beyond. Don't forget to add land cost to the budget of the entire project. It is also important to not forget Murphy's Law when doing a project this big, building estimates are just that, an estimate. There are numerous reasons that construction costs can increase slightly; be sure to leave a little extra room in your budget for changes to the plan.

Types of Home to Build

The next step is deciding what kind of home you would like to build. Browsing through home and real estate magazines is a good start. The internet is also a great resource to get great ideas about your homes style and function. Once you have a general idea of the type of home you like, you should try to see some similar ones in your area. They don't need to be identical, but you can go down to a model home and see if you like or dislike certain features. Taking pictures of things you like is also a good idea; it can only help your designer draw up a plan exactly like you imagine it.

Purchasing Land for Your Home

Purchasing the land is the next big step. You should, of course, have a general idea of what kind of land you want, but don't automatically filter out properties that don't exactly fit your search criteria. Keep in mind how much backyard space you would like, how big the house is you are planning on building, and what you are going to use the land for. For example, do you plan on putting in a swimming pool? How about having animals on your property? Would you like a little privacy from the neighbors, or just a good view?

Building Your Dream Home

As soon as you have purchased the land that fits your dream home, the next step is hiring a general contractor to oversee and manage the building of your house. It is a very good idea to call at least a handful of contractors and to have each of them give you an estimate. Make sure you ask their price per square foot, inquire about specifics that you would like on your house that may cost extra, and definitely ask for some references from each builder. Most contractors will be more than happy to show you homes they have built before and the homeowners will often answer any questions or concerns you have about the contractor. This is also a good time to check your budget. Is the home you have imagined going to fit into your budget?

Financing Your Home Building

Another budget check comes when you apply for financing. This is the next step towards building your home. You need to contact lenders in your area and search for the best rates and scenarios that fit your financial means. Through the loan process you will learn how much money you can be approved for and will more closely determine your final budget for the project.

The hard part is now over and the exhilarating part begins. Choosing paint colors, carpeting, and cabinets are just a few of the many exciting options you have when building your own home. You also get to observe the building process in action and see your new home being erected each and everyday. For many people this is fun, because they have put a lot of work into their project and are excited to see it come into fruition.

Building Your Own Home

Building your own home is certainly a lot of work, but the benefits can not be overlooked. Careful planning and patience will go a long way into making sure everything works out just as expected. Believe me, once you move in to your new home you will be thrilled!

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Sara Green is the real estate marketing director for Placerville real estate, , where you can find local school information, full access to the Sacramento California area MLS listings.

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