Different Types of Conservatory

Choosing the Right Conservatory for your Home

Conservatories come in four main styles and designs. By choosing the right conservatory for your home's style and your own personal style, you will help to increase your satisfaction and enjoyment level.

Conservatories are visually appealing due to their unmatched style and design. There are four different kinds of conservatories that you can choose from - cathedral, curved, conservatory, and straight. Finding the right design for you and your home is very important. Then you are ready to choose your materials, color, and more.

The Different Styles in More Detail

Conservatories are not made all of the same. The different designs and styles give you an option to determine which one will look best with your home's design and style. The straight conservatory style works best if you are enclosing your patio. It is normally constructed of aluminum on the inside and outside and may have wooden beams that make up the ceiling. There are a wide range of different ways that a straight conservatory can be built. Solid or glass roofs are one option that you will have, as well as aluminum or wooden framing. If you want your conservatory to mess with your house that has vinyl siding, then you can even have the enclosure vinyl sided if you so choose. The options and designs are endless.

Curved Eave conservatories feature a more symmetrical look that gives added visual appeal. On one side of the conservatory the wall curves up to form the ceiling and roof. Glass that has a special coating is used to help make the room more energy efficient.

A Cathedral conservatory has a vaulted or sloped roof with a beam that runs down the center. Many different materials are commonly used, including aluminum. The aluminum makes up the outside and inside walls with a roof that is insulated to help make the entire room more able to handle the different weather situations. There are big ranges of different windows to choose from for your sunroom, including windows that can be raised and lowered or fixed windows. It is entirely up to you. Doors are an important part of your room and you can choose to use French Doors or sliding doors, whichever you prefer.

The Conservatory style features glass panels that make up the roof that come together at a beam in the center. This is the most light-filled of the conservatory choices. There are many different styles that you can find in this style, including the Georgia, Mediterranean, Pavilion, Victorian, and Edwardian. These are made to be energy efficient with the glass choices and the thermal panels. You will also be able to add details like finials, molding, and windows.

Choosing the design of your conservatory will take you some time and thought, but you will be amazed at the extra floor space and the added value that it can add to your home.


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