Conservatory Roofs

Crown Your Conservatory With The Right Conservatory Roof

Whether on a crisp autumn morning or a warm summer evening, a conservatory is the ideal place to relax and enjoy views of your garden and beyond. With its spacious windows and elegant conservatory roof, it makes the perfect addition to any home.

The easy way to add another room

Adding a conservatory is the easiest, neatest and fastest way to add another room to your room. In fact, a conservatory is not just another room; it's a bright and airy living space that add both style and functionality to your residence. It allows you to enjoy your garden whatever the weather, is bright enough to enjoying reading, sewing and other pastimes, and it is a popular spot for kids to play in.

Your conservatory is also the ideal environment to grow plants and flowers. Protected from frosts and strong winds, they get all the sunshine they need through the tall wide windows.

Adding a conservatory is also the most cost effective way to extend your home. You can get modular kits to put up a new unit very rapidly. And in many cases, no planning permission is needed for this kind of extension.

 Some Important Thingsto Keep in Mind if you Want to Add a Conservatory

When it comes to home conservatories, you have a choice of styles, with Victorian, Edwardian, and Lantern designs probably being the most popular. In particular, many people are attracted by the elegant simplicity of the Edwardian architectural style and choose it for their conservatory. You can also get stately gable-ended conservatories, P, T, and L shaped conservatories, and lean-to conservatories. French doors are a nice touch allowing you to open up your conservatory wide when weather permits.

Your Choice of Conservatory Roof Material

As for materials, your options are woods such as oak or mahogany or synthetic materials. A wooden conservatory is attractive but the expense and constant need for maintenance make most people opt for uPVC (PVC-u).

uPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) brings strength, beauty, durability and ease of maintenance to your conservatory. Other benefits include simple fabrication and a secure, weather-tight finish.

It won't discolour or crack. uPVC is highly resistant to sun and rain, lasts for 30-40 years and an occasional wash down with soap and water keeps it looking like new.

uPVC also offers high thermal and acoustic insulation. In winter it helps keep the warmth in, and in the summer works to keep the heat out. Another major plus is that uPVC is fire resistant. In the event of a fire, it will effectively self extinguish.

All these qualities make it the best material for a conservatory and the great thing is that you can get uPVC conservatories in a range of vibrant colours and finishes.

The Importance of the Conservatory Roof

When choosing your new unit you'll need to pay a lot of attention to the conservatory roof. This is not only for functional reasons but also because the design of the roof goes a long way towards defining the character of the whole extension. In fact, when you look online at designs, it's the conservatory roof that will probably influence your decision the most.

uPVC conservatory roofs offer many unique advantages. Not only do they offer rapid installation, they include such features as gutter assemblies with fail-safe designs that ensure that water never leaks into the conservatory.

Finishes and added extras

As for finishes, you can choose from colours ranging from white to oak to mahogany. Plus you can opt for a wood grain exterior finish, for example, and all guttering and trims will be in the same colour. You can also choose from a wide range of extras including cresting and finials, fans and electrically operated roof vents.

Conservatories provide a fast, cost effective way of extending your home giving you that much-needed extra space. Plus, they add value to your property. And whether choosing an Edwardian conservatory or something more modern, take care to consider the type and design of your conservatory roof right from the beginning.

One smart move is to order your complete range of window, door and roof products from one vendor. In this way you'll get fully compatible and colour-matched units.

Conservatory Security

When you've decided to install a new conservatory or conservatory roof, or you want to replace your existing one with something modern, look for quality standards when browsing the web sites. For example, there's the Association of Chief Police Officers' "Secured by Design" initiative as well as the BBA accreditation. These will all help your peace of mind, knowing that security and quality are taken care of.

About The Author

Chris Coxon writes articles for Eurocell, a provider of a selection of UPVC conservatory roof styles to suit every home. Conservatories such as their Edwardian conservatory are an ideal way to extend any home, providing an airy room and extra space.