Accent Furniture

Accent Furniture in Your living room

Everyone wants to have a living room that is a stylish place to hang out with friends. Nothing makes you more popular than being the person with the coolest pad to hang out in. Unfortunately, for many young professionals (especially in this economy) there is an inability to afford the freshest furniture. This means that you will need to be creative if you want your friends to enjoy your place and think that it is decorated well. You do not need to go out and buy an entire living room set-after all, who has the funding to go out and drop a couple thousand dollars on redecorating? Instead, what you could do is add some extra flair by getting a few new pieces of accent furniture.

Accent Furniture

With accent furniture you are able to freshen up a room, with not much effort. Think funky vases, little lamps, and cool retro posters. That, combined with a fresh coat of paint could be all the effort you need to turn a room from drab into the new cool spot to hang out. Deciding what kind of accent furniture is right for you should not take that long. All you need to do is look through some old magazines, search on the web, or ask yourself "who do I know who has a really excellent living room?"

It is most important to figure out the type of decoration you want instead of having something very specific in mind. Chances are you will be sorting through a generally mismatched pile of furniture for that retro thrift look. If you know generally what kinds of pieces you would like to add then you will be in a much better position than if you go shopping looking for something so specific that you are not able to find what you are looking for.

Something that is really hot right now is tables that are designed to look like wooden boxes. You should be able to find little tables like these at most any furniture or second hand store. A wooden box table is versatile and you are able to display collections or knick-knacks either on top or within the table. Also, depending on the size, you may even be able to mount it on the wall for a retro European look.

It is more important to have the right mix of furniture than to have a lot of it. We have all been in a room that is overly cluttered, and not fun to be in. It pays off to make an investment in a few really nice pieces as opposed to a lot of clutter-you don't want your friends to confuse your place with your Aunty Sue's. If there is enough space to move around your room and the table or vase is adding a cool feel then you will know that you have been successful in your hunt for the perfect accent furniture. Ultimately, one or two thrifty pieces of flair will freshen up any dull room.

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