Painting Decorating

Painting and Decorating

Who doesn't like a house which is well painted from the inside as well as from the outside and is decorated with taste? Even though it may sound like a tedious job, requiring a lot of work and expertise, doing up a room is a very easy job if done systematically. And instead of doing the whole house at once, doing it room by room would go a long way in ensuring that things don't go out of hand.

Preparing for painting and decorating

Before starting the painting and decorating , a careful planning has to be done. There are various factors to be considered like:

How and where to relocate the furniture and other items of the room: if the rooms are being done one at a time, the furniture can be shifted to another room for a few days, if you don't have a luxury of a garage. It is better to remove everything and then start painting as there are bound to be some splashes of colour here or there even though all precautions are taken. Else the furniture could be covered with newspapers or cloth to prevent them from getting coloured.

Colours to be used: It should go with the general ambience of the room, match with the upholstery, furniture, electrical fixtures etc. If being used for a child's nursery, the colours used should be bright and lively. You may also plan to paint  some cartoon characters on the walls. The ceilings may also have some animation for the kids, which glows at night. But all this requires some time and effort, going to the local hardware store and finding out about the brands of colours available, matching colour swathes, the procedures to be used for painting, the technical details and the equipment to be used.

Cleaning up afterwards: once the painting and decorating is done, the floors need to be scrubbed to remove the unwanted splashes of paint that may have fallen. A proper solvent should be used for this purpose else it may spoil the texture of the floor.

Once the painting is done and the furniture is shifted back, the decorating of the room should be started, so that you have a general idea of what goes where. The decoration of the room will depend largely on the purpose the room serves.

Painting and Decorating Rooms

If the room is to be used as a nursery for a newborn, the colours should not be too bright. In case of a room for older kids or teenagers, the decoration should be such that they feel at home in their rooms. Maps, quotes and other such things can be put up on the walls for easy reference and to make the room more colourful.

The living room is a place where guests are entertained. Artefacts and mementoes, other collectors' items from around the world should be displayed here, either on the walls or in a display shelf.

Bedrooms should be painted and decorated  with personal items such as photographs or memorabilia.

The garden should not be ignored while painting and decorating the house as the house should look inviting from the outside too. The first impression is formed from the outside. So the exteriors of the house should be well painted and the garden well maintained.

And then you can pride yourself in the compliments your house gets.

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