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Slipcovers - Tips On Using Slipcovers To Give Your Furniture A Makeover

If your sofa and arm chairs are looking a bit shabby or the fabric is outdated, an inexpensive way to give them a new lease of life is to use slipcovers.  Why go to the hassle and expense of buying a brand new suite or having your furniture reupholstered, when you can simply slip on a slipcover?  Semi fitted chair and sofa slipcovers are ready made to fit standard sized sofas and chairs, and are much cheaper to buy than custom furniture covers.

Chair and sofa covers are easy to fit into place over your existing upholstery and can give your furniture a stylish new look in minutes.  The beauty of slipcovers is that they offer a quick, simple and affordable way to give your furniture a makeover, so you can change the appearance of your seats whenever you feel like it.  Most furniture slipcovers are fully machine-washable too, so there's no need to worry about keeping them clean.  Here are some tips and ideas for using slipcovers to transform your seats:

Coordinate Your Furniture

If your living room furniture is a mishmash of chairs and sofas you've acquired from family or from secondhand shops, it may well be perfectly functional and comfortable, but is unlikely to look coordinated and stylish.  However, by using matching slipcovers on each seat, it's possible to disguise all those mismatched colors and patterns and make your seats look almost as good as new.

Protect Good Quality Furniture

Perhaps you've recently treated yourself to a brand new 3-piece suite - in which case, the last thing you want is the dog getting muddy paw marks on the seats or a guest spilling red wine all over your lovely cream upholstery.  Slipcovers are excellent for acting as protective covers to protect your upholstery from dirt or damage caused by wear and tear.  You can use them however you want - either all the time, particularly if you've got children or pets, or maybe just on occasions when you're entertaining or the grand-kids are visiting!

Prolong The Life Of A Favorite Seat

Most homes seem to have a "favorite" chair or sofa that everyone enjoys sitting in.  However, over the years a seat that gets lots of use inevitably begins to look a bit worn and jaded.  If this sounds like a familiar scenario, fitting a slipcover could be the solution.  Slipcovers are great for hiding unattractive or old-fashioned upholstery and for giving a well-used seat an instant makeover.  They are not just for standard sofas and arm chairs - there are all sorts of wing chair and oversized recliner slipcovers, as well as ottoman covers.

Match Your Seats To Your Décor

So, you've just re-decorated the living room and given the whole room a fresh, new color scheme.  Or maybe you've just moved to a new house.  The only problem is that your old sofa and chairs clash horribly with that new wallpaper.  You don't have the budget to buy new furniture - and besides, there's nothing wrong with your seats other than the color of the upholstery.  Fortunately, this problem is easily solved with slipcovers.  They come in a huge variety of colors and patterns, so you should be able to find something that works well with any style of décor.

Change The Look & Feel Of Your Home

Slipcovers are really versatile and if you have several different sets, you're free to alter the appearance of your furniture whenever the fancy takes you.  For instance, if you're holding a dinner party for friends, you could swap your usual everyday dining room chair slipcovers for something more elegant and luxurious.  Or perhaps you'd like to change your slipcovers according to the change in seasons.  The choice is yours!

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