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Dressing your Room with Window Blinds

by: Annisha Delaney

When you think of window blinds, do you picture some white heavy wooden things that hung in the windows of your Grandmother's house? Window blinds today can be a decorative accent to any room, no matter whether it is a country, traditional or contemporary style. They can be more than just a means to add privacy to your home and keep out excess heat and sun. Today's marketplace offers a large choice of materials, colors and styles of window blinds that can match any room.

Range of Window Prices

Window blinds come in a variety of price ranges as well. You can find ready-made blinds at your local home store, discount store or specialty shop. While you are restricted to only popular sizes at a discount store, a home store will cut blinds to the size you actually need. A specialty store can make or order blinds in custom sizes to fit your needs. One of the advantages of shopping at a specialty store is that installation is available. However, if you are an ardent do-it-yourself person, installing blinds can be done by an amateur.

Selecting a style of blinds that fit your budget, style and room can be fun. You can select from one of many categories:

* Wood blinds fit a classic and natural style. Real wood requires more attention than faux. Faux wood is either composite or PVC. The operating mechanism can be cord. But many families prefer the safer lift technology that requires a soft touch. Wood blinds are generally 2" slats. The wider the slat the less light that can come through. Color and wood tones should compliment your room rather than jump out at you. Many people opt to use a valance or cornice to add needed layers.

* Vertical blinds can make a room feel taller and mysterious. On a sliding door or living room window, these blinds don't have to remind you of the 80s with big flowery patterns and cold surroundings. The pull mechanism can be from either side or even operate from a remote control. Careful not to mix patterns that will be outdated in a short time. Many vertical blinds add a soft texture that brings out your furniture's beauty.

* Aluminum blinds are typically trendy and inexpensive. Most are mini blinds that spruce up a kid's closet window or look great in a play room. However, they tend to bend or dent easily. So try to pick a place where kids aren't hanging on them a lot.

* Top or bottom hanging blinds are interesting ways to let light shine into your room. Blinds don't have to operate just from the bottom up. You can select a blind that slides from the top down with the light touch of your hand. If you want more options than just tilting slats upward or down, you can select a blind that pushes down and leaves the bottom half shut for added privacy.

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