Lawn Diseases

Lawn Diseases Can Be Deadly

by: Adam Jackson

Do you know most of the lawns irrespective of its age are susceptible to lawn diseases? Lawn diseases are a challenge to lawn maintenance. The main culprit for lawn diseases is Fungus.

Since the fungi are reproducing by spores, it is very easy for propagation. Some of the spores are being transported by winds to reach a new spot or a lawn. Identification of the type of disease prevailing in your lawn is a real nightmare for a good lawn maintenance team.

Once the signs of disease are evinced, it is really difficult to control the fungal growth because the symptoms of infection will get evidenced only after complete development of the diseases in your lawn. Hence for better lawn maintenance, it is highly advisable to perform regular lawn care.

In general, the disease causing fungus will be dormant in the soil until the condition is prevailing for it to develop. These fungi require susceptible host, moist environment, source of nutrition and hot temperatures.

You can check your lawn disease during routine lawn maintenance. Once you find brown patches, "frog-eyes", and "Fairy things" while mowing your lawn, this signifies that your lawn is going for fungal infection.

Before selecting a medicine (chemical) for this condition, the best lawn maintenance procedure is taking a lab examination of the infected soils either to a reputed horticulturist or an extension agency. You can plant the hybrid disease resistant grass variety to prevent the occurrence of the disease if you are going to replace the affected patches or going to develop a new lawn.

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