Electric Fireplaces

Electric Fireplaces Warm Up Any Living Space

by: Sam Wilhoit

Plug-and-play family? Check. No time to burn? Check. Still crave a soothing fire to relax away the tensions of your fast-paced day? If these questions have you nodding, then it's time to check out an electric fireplace from Brick-Anew-an inexpensive, portable convenience to add luxury to your modern life.

Benefits of Electric Fireplaces

Today's outrageously affordable, smartly configured, portable electric fireplaces are glowing in hundreds of thousands of homes, with no original masonry or pre-fabricated fireplace required. That little fact means you can have a radiant hearth and luxuriant warmth in an apartment, single family home, townhouse, condo, cottage-you name it. And its simple firebox, surround, mantel and grate make for a lightweight purchase you can easily carry to that fifth-floor walk-up. Got it inside? Simply plug in to any available outlet and enjoy an instant fire at your fingertips.

What Does Zero-Clearance Electric Fireplace Mean?

As we mentioned above, electric fireplaces are portable. They also are what's called a zero-clearance hearth product-which means electric fireplaces are an easy splash of decoration for almost any spot in your home. Have you considered an electric fireplace in your bedroom, den or even sun-room? Just pick it up and move it in and you have an interesting focal point in a brand new place. Electric fireplaces can also be hardwired into your home's interior walls, although a professional installer will have to do the job. Once in, however, the varying styles in mantels, surrounds, fireplace glass doors, logs and even flames will give your new electric fireplace a personal touch that ensures consistency in your room's decor. Already got a fireplace? You can install an electric fireplace insert for a convenient, hassle-free hearth.

Fireplaces are Not Just for Heat

While electric fireplaces kick out enough heat to warm a smaller space-up to 400 feet-they also employ a unique feature. At the touch of a button, you can enjoy the romance and ambiance of dancing fire-light without the heat. While the "flame" doesn't mirror a real flame entirely, modern technology provides refracted light and colored light bulbs to create depth, shadow and flicker. Perfect for sultry summer evenings, after a day at the beach, during dinner parties on a warmer night, or no occasion at all, the heat-free setting on an electric fireplace boasts a quick splash of cool ambiance their traditional fireplace counterparts just can't match.

Electric Fireplace Size Matters

Want to slide a blazing fire under the television in your entertainment center? Want to warm up that gaping 64' inch hearth with a reassuring flicker? Got a spot you just can't figure out how to fill? Sending your teen-ager off to college in a cool clime? The great thing about electric fireplaces is the variety of size in which they're available. With sizes from 20 inches to more than 60, electric fireplaces are a snap to move and set up-anywhere you choose.

The Only Name in Electric Fireplaces

So who says you can't enjoy a fireplace in any environment? Whether you have a haven or hide-away, homestead or house, it just doesn't get any easier than an electric fireplace. Brick-Anew offers a full line of stunning electric fireplaces and an amazing selection of fireplace glass doors, tools, accessories and more. Call the experts at Brick-Anew now to help you choose the perfect electric fireplace and complete your little spot of heaven.

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