Floor Laying

Floor Laying

Floor laying is one of the major construction work involved in developing a new home. Floor laying is required to add functionality and beauty to a home.

There are different types of floors such as

They all should be laid in a different way using different tools. Choosing a floor laying method depends upon the floor conditions and one's personal preference.

Concrete Floor Laying

It is one of the widely used methods in floor laying. Moreover, it is also used during the renovation works involved before installing new timber floors. This method involves the usage of cement, sand and bricks. To begin with, a base coat should be applied using a right mixture of cement, sand and brick blast. The floor should then be divided into strips of panels. Cement concretes should be placed on the base coat and the floor should be levelled by applying cement to the panels. After the cement becomes dry, waste materials like screeds, dust and droppings should be removed from the surface of the floor.

Hardwood Floor Laying

Hardwood floor laying is the most commonly used form of floor laying. It is used to provide warmth and beauty to a home. Moreover, hardwood floors are also easy to maintain. Before implementing a hardwood floor, it is vital to check whether all the materials like wood, plaster, and concrete are free from moisture. If hardwood flooring is laid on existing timbers, it should be treated with fungicide and it should also be checked for other possible insect attacks. New timbers should be divided accordingly and nailed in the right area. It is also vital to leave some expanding space as wood floor may expand and contract during different seasons of the year. A minimum gap of at least 15 to 20 mm is necessary to allow expansion.

Other Floor Laying Methods

In addition to concrete floor laying and hardwood laying, other methods like vinyl floor laying and tile laying are also in practice. Vinyl flooring is also a widely used as it is easy to maintain against dust, stains and moisture. Vinyl flooring is mostly used in bathrooms as it is moisture free. Vinyl covering should be spread on the plywood sub-floor and it should be fixed using glue. Floor tiles are also used to make the floors attractive and durable. Before fixing floor tiles, the subfloor should be checked to support the tiling process. All different floor laying methods are used to provide a great look and right texture to a floor.