Mold And It's Effects

by: Yvonne Volante

Perhaps you may have found the dreaded mold lurking in your dwelling recently. Perhaps you even had to recondition it up. To be sure, it's ugly, inconvenient, possibly destructive and possibly a hazard to good health.

Causes of Mold

Unfortunately, mold can form anywhere circumstances exist to foster its advance. It regularly evolves in cool damp places. Usually in locations where temperatures range between 40 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, with a relative humidity level of 70% or higher. Though it is possible for certain molds to grow in lower humidity levels, they are not a common occurrence and rarely a concern over the more common types of mold.

Typical spaces in a domicile where mold tends to take hold are zones such as bathrooms, basements, ceiling tiles, paneling, refrigerators, air circumstanceers, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, trash cans, heating ducts, windowsills, carpeting and other enclosures where wetness may be captured.

Types of Household Mold

Mold appears in different ways, each with varying levels of risk to health. In low levels mold is pretty much harmless, but in greater levels the person who comes in contact may suffer allergic symptoms from the spores, as well as more harmful effects.

There are two forms of mold called Stachybotrys and Memnoniella which are considered toxic and can have a no-nonsense effect on a persons health. Smaller symptoms of exposure to these toxic molds may include a rash, flu-like symptoms, diarrhea, respiratory difficulties, eye irritations, difficulty breathing, sinus inflammation, headaches, fatigue and sore throat.

More austere symptoms of exposure to toxic mold may include ear inflammation, nose bleeds, bleeding of the lungs, memory loss and arthralgia (joint pain).

Exposure to any type of mold can always have the possibility of bringing on negative health effects, so it is wise to remove mold when it is found and to foster contingencys, which can help minimize the chances of mold appearing again in the future.

What to do with Mold in Your House

First of all, if you find mold in your domicile, purify it right away. For mold advancing on solid material like metal, basic soap and detergent should do the trick. Be sure to dry them immediately afterward. For materials more porous, where mold has sunk in, such as mattresses or other furnishings, the material should be replaced, as it is impossible to remove mold completely from these materials.

Prevent Mold From Forming

To prevent mold from forming in the future, check for any and all sources of wetness. In bathrooms check for leaky faucets or pipes which are no-nonsense culprits for fostering the incidents for mold raiseth. Once you have finished, lower the humidity level of your dwelling to between 30 and 60%. Since most mold advances in circumstances of 70% relative humidity of higher, keeping humidity low in your home will greatly reduce the risk of mold forming again in the future.

The steps set forth above are very urgent to follow, especially for those who may suffer from allergies. An ounce of deterrence now could save you inconvenience, discomfort, as well as funds in the years ahead.

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"just wanted to share with you that two weeks ago i had requested the building maintenance for my unit, remove mold and formaldehyde removed from my basement. My son was experiencing problems breathing, where I had to take him to a walk in clinic. Although I experienced problems breathing, I'm not asthmatic and it did not affect me in the same way. I'm pleased to say that my son is breathing better. and I do appreciate the information you have posted. It has been most helpful."

mrs marci bennett

"My parents are living in a dwelling that is over run with severe Black mold in every room, my father suffers with nmuemonia and a chronic lung desease. This problem has been high lighted on the local news. Nothing is being done by their local council! a representive has told my parents to wash down the walls and redecorate! My father is confined to one room under advisement from his Gp. I have never in my entire life seen mold to this degree!! They are both elderly and cannot afford expsensive removal treatments and why should they? it should be down to the council surely!!?? What effects is this doing to my fathers severe health issues?? "

P MacLeod