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Organize your Home

Home organization comes easily and is a constant task for many individuals. Finding adequate time to keep their home organized, clutter-free and looking tidy is a top priority for many people. However, for others, home organization is not at the top of the "to-do" list until the task becomes too big to ignore. Furthermore, it can be easy to get organized, but much more difficult to maintain a clean, clutter-free home.

Home organization is a two-step process. Step one is organizing your home, and step two is maintaining that organization. That means, of course, that step two is an ongoing process, it is not something you do once and are then finished with. Maintaining the hard work you put into home organization will be a constant thing in your life. The good news is, once you get a maintenance routine going, it becomes easier to keep it up.


If you have not spent much time on home organization in the past, cleaning and organizing your home can seem like a daunting task. The larger your home is, and the larger your family is, the harder it seems to keep everything organized. Over time, the chaos can take over. At that point, it may seem like getting organized is impossible. However, you definitely can organize your home, once and for all, by following these steps.

Accept your Home Space

To accept your space, it means that you have to accept that maybe you don't have room for all the possessions that are currently in your home. This is harder than it sounds! However, it's an important step in organizing your home, because unless you accept your space limitations, you'll only end up with more clutter in time.

Remove the Clutter

Removing the clutter from your home can be fun, but many people do find it painful to think that they might have to get rid of some of their much-loved items. The trick is to keep only what you really can't do without, and ditch the rest. Give items away, donate to a charity store, or, for those items that you are not sure about, store them in the attic, basement or garage until you decide whether you really need them or not.

Find a Home for Every Item

After you de-clutter, you'll be left with your favorite possessions, the things you really love, and now is the time to find a good home for each item. When it comes to utilitarian objects, it's best to store items in the room in which they are most used. Gardening tools shouldn't be stored inside, for example, and any personal grooming items should be either in the bathroom, or in your bedroom.

When you are involved in the process of finding homes for items, also think about investing in storage containers and space savers. From spice racks to bathroom cabinet organizers to shoe trees and under-the-bed storage containers, these types of items can really help you organize your home in a jiffy.

Delegate Responsibility for Organization

If the chaotic state of your children's bedrooms is something that really gets you down, and if getting your kids to keep their rooms clean is an ongoing battle, put the onus on them to clean their living spaces. Inform your children that keeping their bedrooms clean (or not clean) will be entirely their responsibility from now on. As a parent you will provide guidance, a plan and a schedule for them to clean their rooms, but the job itself is entirely theirs to complete. Make sure they understand that you're not going to dig through their room for dirty laundry, or clean up spills.

This strategy may not work for every family. Some parents find that placing the responsibility for the cleanliness and organization of their child's bedroom on the kids themselves not only removes the stress of cleaning up those rooms, it also removes a source of friction in the relationship between parent and child.

Home Maintenance

If the initial task of organizing the home is completed, it is time to progress to the next challenge: maintaining the well-organized, clutter-free home. This can be difficult even if you are single and live in a fairly small apartment; however consistent home organization can be even more of an uphill battle if there are children in the house.

The important thing to remember is to develop a routine and stick to it. You do not necessarily have to do everything in a single day. As long as you keep your routine going, doing one job each day, you should be able to keep your house in order. Set some time aside each day for maintenance, or choose a single room to concentrate on each day. That way you will not have to do everything at once, and you can spend a small amount of time each day on maintaining your home organization system.

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