Winter House

Winter House Preparednes

by: Kadence Buchanan

I know, it is still summer time, but winter will be here before you know it, and before wearing your jackets again you should first be prepared for the seasonal change of your house. In fact, during winter times, we all see our homes as a "nest " where we can find warmth and relax without shivering to the bone. But is your home a friendly and cozy place for you and those you love? Or is your décor so gloomy that people go outside just to warm up?

If you wish to make your home a warm and inviting shelter this winter, read the following advice.

- Decorate your house with slipcovers, pillow cases and accessories in rich warm colors, like red, orange, brown, green and gold. You can also garnish your coffee table or fire place with fall foliage or pine boughs to create that earth-like feeling. Additionally, place treasured pictures of family in warm wood frames all around your house.

- In case you are able to handle a larger project, consider painting your walls in rich shades of red, orange or yellow. That is a wonderful way to brighten your winter days!

- Select to embellish your furniture with soft and plush fabrics that will make you never want to leave the couch or beddings. Cushions and upholstery could be velvet, mohair and chenille. You can also use throws over chairs and sofas as the layering of fabrics adds richness and texture to the room making it more inviting.

- Buy lots of candles. Place them along your dinning table, fireplace, or mid-coffee table and decorate them with beans and small mirrors for an extra lighting effect. Select scents like vanilla or cinnamon as they evoke feelings of comfort.

- If you have a fireplace, move your sofa and chairs closer to it so as to add to the warmth of the room and in order to add to your house dimension and elegance, consider layering smaller rugs on top of your carpet or main rug, in front of the sofa or armchairs of your living room.

- Add extra lamps instead of overhead lighting for a more intimate ambiance and use drapes to create the feeling of comfort and intimacy.

- Replace frequently your main living room flower arrangements and add more warm-tone accessories like gold, brass and copper.

- Arrange furniture in groups. A cozy reading corner with a comfortable, over-stuffed chair, table and lamp or a small table and a couple of chairs or footstools will be enough for your family members to sit together and relax.

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