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Can astro turf replace grass?

Astro turf or artificial turf or synthetic grass is made from synthetic materials and is manufactured to resemble or look like natural grass. The use of astro turf has been more common in athletic arenas where the games were played on grass. But of late astro turf is been used for residential as well as landscaping projects as well.

These are some of the advantages for the astro turf

Some of the disadvantages of astro turf

Why the astro turf is preferred

Artificial turf doesn't require any mowing or watering or constant upkeep. But yes it does require maintenance and sometimes repairs especially for the athletic grounds. Moreover it lasts for a far longer time than the real turfs.  In many ways the artificial turf allows more events and may be well worth the expensive tag that is attached to it. Since the surface level is the same without any ups or downs the ball can travel faster and this is extremely important in games such as football.

But many environmentalists believe that the astro tuft may not be a great thing after all.

When you replace large tracts of football fields with astro turf, it doesn't cut global warming since the astro turf doesn't absorb the carbon dioxide. In that sense the astro turfs actually increase the incidence of global warming. On hot days, the temperature can soar really high that can make the scrapes and the bruises of the athletes even worse. Worse the heat can also unlock the nasty fumes from the polymers and the tyres that make the astro turfs. This can be inhaled by the athletes and can pose danger to their health.

But over the time the artificial turfs have also evolved and have become re resilient and now all NFL games are played on artificial turfs. The debate between the advantages and disadvantages of the astro turf and the natural turf will go on and it's still early to say how hazardous it's going to be. So the answer to the question whether astro turf can replace grass is "NO".

"Artificial turf is better option as no mowing, no watering is required also no need of maintenance. "

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