Breast Feeding

15 Breast Feeding Benefits

by: Michael Gunn

Of all things a mother can do for her child, breast feeding is on the top of the list. Breast feeding benefits are overwhelmingly numerous in counts and prove to be the best thing for your new born baby.

Not only is the breast feeding benefits good for your new born baby, but they amount to a substantial and healthy adult life as well. Among many women today, breast feeding is on a decline. Young new mothers are being told that breast feeding benefits are a thing of the past and are seamlessly duplicated in formula. This is by far wrong and inconsistent with studies.

There are fifteen breast feeding benefits below; however, these are not the only ones. There are countless others that show breast feeding benefits and how it affects a child.

Breast Feeding Benefits List

  1. Antibodies and nutrients are mixed perfectly in breast milk for a new born baby.
  2. As a baby grows, it needs a change in nutrition. The mother's body keeps up with this change and produces breast milk to complete the baby's needs, whereas formula does not.
  3. Gastroenteritis protection along with other gastrointestinal diseases.
  4. Proven to have less chance of diarrhea and vomiting. These symptoms cause infant deaths more than you would think.
  5. Childhood diabetes risk reduction
  6. Upset stomachs, colic and constipation are common among babies that feed on formula. One of the breast feeding benefits is less risk of these happening.
  7. Lower risk of teeth that decay
  8. Bone density increase. This is especially important in girls.
  9. Later in life, heart disease is a lower risk.
  10. One of the most important breast feeding benefits is bonding with a child. The warm and comfort a baby feels when breast feeding is truly amazing.
  11. Childhood obesity is less risk
  12. Proven to have a higher IQ by 10-12 points
  13. Facial structuring is more defined when breast feeding. They use their facial muscles more and develop a straighter set of teeth as well.
  14. Iron deficiency and Vitamin E deficiency are at less of a risk due to it being one of the breast feeding benefits.
  15. Another very important benefit is the first milk, called the colostrum. This milk coats the baby's gastrointestinal tract to prevent many bacteria from entering in and causing harm.

Major Bread Feeding Benefits

Major breast feeding benefits go to the mother as well. They also get to partake in the benefits by bonding with the child early on. It is reported that many mothers feel closer with their baby when they breast feed rather than not. The mother will also experience a faster weight loss when breast feeding, as well as reducing the risk for cervical, breast, and other cancers.

One of the biggest plagues of women as they get older is osteoporosis. This risk is also reduced when you breast feed. There are also many breast feeding benefits that have not been listed her that a mother will experience. Overall, it is a great experience for both the mother and the child. More information can be found in the links provided.

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