Exclusive Breastfeeding

Breastfeed Exclusively

by: Michael Gunn

It is a concern of many mothers that they will not be able to breastfeed exclusively. This is a very real concern and has valid reasons. In order to breastfeed exclusively, you will need to stay committed to doing so. There are many factors that tend to get in the way to make it easy for a mother that was so adamant about breast feeding to turn their nose up at it quickly. It is sometimes hard and discouraging, but the benefits of doing a breastfeed exclusively far outweigh the slight discomfort.

Before you breastfeed exclusively, you will need to read up on the different things associated with breastfeeding. This would include positions, problems, discomfort, babies not latching on properly and more. You should be prepared that one or all of these things can happen to you. By reading up on it ahead of time, you should be able to head off any temptation that you may have to stop breastfeeding. Knowledge of why things are happening is the best tool you can have.

Help with Breastfeeding Exclusively

If you will be choosing to breastfeed exclusively, you will want to invest in a hospital grade breast pump or an electric breast pump. An electric breast pump will be much more affordable of the two. A hospital grade breast pump, although extremely effective, will run in the thousand dollars plus range.

You can purchase an electrical breast pump from top end to lower end for a varying amount. The main difference between prices will lie in whether or not the breast pump will be able to pump more than one breast at a time. Typically, the lower end models will only allow for one breast at a time while the higher end will allow for double pumping. Many moms opt for the double pumping feature, as they will breastfeed exclusively, which means a lot of pumping and a lot of time investment.

To breastfeed exclusively, you will need to also pick up some breast pads and possibly some breast cream. This breast cream is not necessary for most women, however, for some it helps soothe pain if the nipple gets chaffed. Typically, a woman who chooses to breastfeed exclusively will only incur a pain in the first five days. After about day seven, the pain decreases and the nipples are more conditioned.

Think about it, for the most part, a woman's nipples are generally covered completely throughout the day and shielded from harsh environments. There is no need to "prepare" a nipple before breastfeeding. This is a myth where woman rub a rough towel over their nipples or roughen them up.

This is not good or necessary, as breastfeeding is a part of a natural process that a woman's body was designed for exclusively. In the case that nipples bleed or crack, make sure to put peroxide on the open wound so that it does not get infected.

To learn more about how to breastfeed exclusively, follow the link provided for your continued reading.

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