Electric Breast Pump

Choosing An Electric Breast Pump

by: Michael Gunn

There are many types of breast pumps available. The most commonly sought is the electric breast pump. In today's time, women are on the go and need efficient means to breast feed their child. Whether it is because the woman is going back to work or because she is substituting formula, there is a great need.

There are many different grades of an electric breast pump. Of these different grades, each person has their own need. It is up to the mother to determine which electric breast pump is good for them.

The electric breast pump has very significant advantages over the manual breast pump. These advantages are seen first in the way it works. The electric breast pump just needs to be applied and then generates the sucking motion automatically with a switch. A manual breast pump has to be done by hand and typically requires both hands to complete the task. There are some manual pumps that require only one hand use but they are usually higher in price.

The price difference between a manual and an electric breast pump are variable in price. For the most part, an electric breast pump is going to run more money because of the convenience factor. Not only is the electric breast pump easier to use, it is very compact and easily transported. Most pumps come in a very nice carrying case which makes it overall easy to transport.

The Different Types of Electric Breast Pumps Are:

1. Hospital electric breast pumps: These electric breast pumps are used for heavy duty pumping. You can purchase these from a specialty store or the hospital. With this pump, the rate the breast milk comes out is about the rate of when a baby is nursing. This is very efficient for the mothers, as most mothers would rather be spending time with their newborn baby.

2. A top grade electric pump will be good for those moms who are returning back to work. The reason these are a good choice is because it still maintains a consistent pumping while also taking into consideration comfort. Higher end electric breast pump systems can be adjusted to mimic the babies sucking pattern. This also might help the flow of milk because the pattern is established. This also provides more comfort to the mother that is nursing.

3. Breast pumps that are midrange in price can be electric or battery operated. The main difference between these pumps and the higher end is the fact that they are usually more portable, used to take to the babysitter's house and also only pump one breast at a time. For moms who want to pump efficiently, this is not the best choice. For those mothers who only need intermittent pumping, this might be an option.

Each electric breast pump does its job and is safe and reliable. The main difference is time that the mother has to pump and the comfort level needed to pump. To read more about electric breast pumps, see the link below.

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