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How To Deal With Sore Nipples When Breast Feeding

by: Michael Gunn

Breast feeding is a great way to not only make sure your child gets the best nutrients and vitamins available, but also a way to bond with your child that bottle feeding cannot accomplish. If you are a mother that breast feeds her child, congratulations! You have decided to provide your child the best start to their life that a mother can give a child.

If you are reading this article, you are either curious about sore nipples, or you are looking for a way to ease the sore nipples. It is true that this does occur, however, there are ways to deal with this minor problem effectively.

Reasons for Breast Feeding Sore Nipples

First off, breast feeding sore nipples happens for many reasons. The main reason why this happens is because positioning is not right. The most common positioning is the cradle position. For the most part, this works great; however, you do not want to discomfort yourself.

Breast feeding is a fairly long process and discomfort during the whole time will not allow for you to enjoy it as much as you should and can translate into discomfort for the baby. If you have sore nipples, it is probably only because you have been breast feedings for about four to five days.

This will ease up as time goes on. If pain becomes severe, you will need to contact you doctor for further assistance. Give it at least a week's time so your nipples have time to adjust to the new environment. Nipples are usually shielded from harsh conditions and always covered.

It also takes a few tries for the baby to latch on correctly. In essence, breast feeding is not painful. If the baby latches on wrong, break the suction and try again. This will ensure the baby learns how to latch on correctly. Remember, it is a learning experience for both the mother and the baby. Do not get discouraged, it takes a few tries.

If you feel frustrated and overwhelmed, wait a couple of minutes and try nursing again. In the meantime, you can let the infant suck on your finger. Never try to pull an infant off a breast. You need to first let the suction go away by placing your finger gently in the corner of the infant's mouth.

Treatment for Sore Nipples

There are also creams available for those who have breast feeding sore nipples. In general, these creams work very well and are safe for the baby. The cream is applied directly to the nipple and does not have to be wiped off before breast feeding.

If you have cracked or bleeding nipples, it is best to put peroxide on your nipples with a cotton tip swab so there is no infection that will occur. If you are still in need of further information on breast feeding sore nipples or any other information sue to breast feeding, please visit the link provided. It is best to educate yourself now rather than have it be too late.

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