Boiler Installation

Installing a Boiler

A boiler is a major device used in the central heating system of a house. It is nothing but a closed vessel which consists of heating elements. The heating element heats the water and the heat is utilized for various purposes. In the case of central heating system, boilers form a major portion of it. Other components like radiators and interconnecting pipes and valves are also used in central heating system.

The boiler in central heating system heats the water and circulates it with the help of a pump. The heating process is commonly done by combustion of fossil fuels. The heat produced through this combustion process is evenly distributed with the help of interconnecting pipes. The boiler system in central heating can be arranged in different methods. Water boiler system is the most commonly used solution. It is much better and energy efficient, when compared to steam boiler systems.

Boiler Installation Process

It is important to determine the size and requirements of a boiler system. The kind of a boiler mainly depends on the heat requirements of a specific house. There are different types of boilers like gas boilers, oil boilers, solid fuel boilers and electric boilers etc. Appropriate boiler system should be chosen according to one's personal wish and requirements. It is vital to have proper knowledge on different boiler systems before choosing the right one.

First of all, the place of the installation should be determined. All the requirements like water connection, gas connection and electrical circuits should be located close to the boiler. All the boiler accessories like control valves, pipe fittings, radiators, and circulator pump should be installed in a proper way. The circulatory system should be sufficient enough for the proper circulation of water. Safety vents should be properly installed depending upon the usage of different boiler systems. Gas connections should be installed for fuel combustion.

Central heating involves certain distribution losses for rooms that are not used. In such cases, individual room heaters can be preferred. Water boiler system is easy to maintain compared to older heating systems. Radiators used in water boiler systems are much smaller than in older methods. Thermostats fitted with circulatory pumps ensure even heat spread in buildings. The condensing system in water boilers helps in preventing heat wastage with the conversion of fuel into heat.

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