Powder Fire Extinguisher-

Powder Fire Extinguisher- Types and Uses

by: Brian Ayling

A powder fire extinguisher consists of dry substances, all sealed in a pressurized cylinder. This equipment is a common fire safety device, utilized in kitchens, homes and workshops; in places where combustible materials are common items. For first time users, it is necessary to really understand the different types of extinguishers. It is also advisable to take note of particular fire situations and assess each incident in accordance to severity. The cause of fire is relatively a significant factor, as it helps you determine which kind of fire equipment will definitely work.

Be reminded that a fire-related event is caused by several means. It could have started from piles of wood or stacks of paper. Other fires could have been caused by faulty wiring or combustion of materials like oil or paint. Whichever is the cause, it would help to identify what you need in certain types of emergencies. This type of extinguisher is said to be effective in putting out electrical fires. Like the one which makes use of carbon dioxide, a number of chemicals are being utilized in order to put out fires. Ammonium phosphate is a sample of component used and is highly recommended in types A, B and C fires.

Types of Powder Fire Extinguishers

Powder fire extinguishers also make use of sodium bicarbonate. This chemical, once sprayed, results to an indirect emission of carbon dioxide, therefore neutralizing oxygen in the air. The process eventually results to non-spreading of existing fires, which is effective in lessening danger. Another kind of chemical used in this type of extinguisher is potassium bicarbonate. Unlike the typical baking soda or sodium bicarbonate, this chemical is said to be very effective if used in oil and gas fires. It also reacts passively to alcohol and controls fire from spreading at an accelerating rate.

Another type of chemical used is ammonium bicarbonate. Also known as urea complex, this chemical was once utilized as a fire-proofing element. The chemical's ability to spread evenly and in small parts, makes it even more effective. The use of this chemical also causes fire from spreading, as it slowly coats the affected surface and suppresses the flame.

Additional Fire Safety Equipment

Nowadays, modern technology and information prepares us against accidents and uncertainties. The process of fire safety may not be a full-proof formula as it still depends on the person and situation itself. However, with use of fire equipment, progress is slowly earning its way towards households and offices. Information regarding types and kinds of fire equipment likewise helps in spreading the good word. With the help of equipment and current devices, people are readily learning the benefits of keeping oneself safe. That it takes patience and clear understanding. Fire equipment like fire blankets, fire hose and extinguishers provide us with proper devices. What we need is to incorporate thinking and convert knowledge into practice. So, constantly strive and try to learn new things. Familiarize oneself with use of this equipment. Make your environment safe as well. Coordinate your household and let each member participate. For fire safety means involvement and knowing what an extinguisher is does not end in buying one and putting it on display.

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