Protect from Burglars

Protecting your property from burglars

Burglars are opportunists. So being aware of how vulnerable your property may be can decrease the chances of an intruder. In the following article we will discuss how to protect your property.

First of all did you know that a third of all burglars access properties through windows. Securing these is vital. All windows should be checked, even porch or pantry windows. If a human head can fit through it, then it needs to be secure.

Securing these windows is relatively straight forward depending on the glass and frame structure. The most secure glass is laminated glass which is harder to break. However attaching a window lock has the most benefits. no.1)It enhances the strength of the lock, making it almost impossible to open without a key. no.2)The opportunist would be deterred as even if they break the glass, they still have to unlock the window.

Often the window locks come with special keys. It is often tempting to leave these keys in easy to reach places, however it is recommended to keep these out of sight. When fitting locks to PVC windows make sure that you contact the manufacturer, this may invalidate the warranty if not carried out correctly.

Burglars and Doors

While a third of all burglars enter the property through the window, two thirds enter through doors. If your door does not have a window or a means of checking who is there, it could be advisable to install a door viewer. A chain can add extra security during the day, but be aware that this may be a part of an exit strategy in case of fire. While it is always a good idea to keep keys out of sight, maker sure you know exactly where they are.

Checking that the frames and doors are in good condition, can help keep out a persistent intruder. Also be aware of any vulnerable parts such as glass panels.

It is sometimes much easier to keep keys in the doors for ease of access, however to an opportunist this an open invitation to enter your property. In fact most people keep a variety of keys with their door keys such as ; office keys, garage keys and car keys. This is a prize to any intruder. Now they have access to your house, your office and car.

Protecting your home

Security Lights - Fitting security lights that are activated by somebody walking in front your property of within a designated area, can help protect you property at night. These are often built on passive infrared technology.

Vacation - When going away on holiday there a few precautions you can take to help improve the security of your property. Making your neighbors aware that you will be away, will make sure that you have somebody keeping watch for an strange visitors.

Buying a dimmer switch is also another great idea. These can turn on or off, depending on the time you allocate on the switch. A house sitter is also a good idea. They can open and close your curtains and make the property look as though it is still occupied.

In summary, the above points are not made to cause panic or fear. The truth is these are just precautions that we can take to improve the security of our properties. With the standard of living so high, we work hard for our possessions, it is only fair that we should want to protect them.

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