The Vanity Set

Vanity Sets - From Functionality to Focal Point!

Vanity sets whether used in the bedroom, bathroom or elsewhere in your home will add a touch of elegance and style. Although these items do perform a practical purpose they can be customized to incorporate our own personal style and taste. Available in a wide range of materials, a vanity set really can help to transform your home.

How do I choose the right vanity set for me?

Any piece of furniture, whether its bathroom vanities, vanity stools, or dressers will not add anything special to your home unless it fulfils the function you desire. Be careful when you are shopping for vanity sets that you bear this in mind - a beautiful makeup vanity will cause more annoyance than anything else if it offers only one sink to a family who fights for bathroom precedence early in the mornings! Before you go shopping for vanity sets, make a note of the following things:

Measure the space you have available for your vanity set. Whether it's for bedroom or bathroom, it won't be much use if it doesn't fit!

Consider carefully the purpose you have in mind - are you looking for a bathroom vanity cabinet that the whole family can use, or a cabinet especially for a child's bedroom? Knowing the purpose of your vanity set will ensure that you find the best vanity.

Before you fall in love with a vanity set that would require complete redecoration to fit into your home, be careful to consider whether you want to make this commitment! If you are planning to revamp your decor, then go vanity shopping before you commit to a style - you might find the vanity you love will suggest the decor for the room it is to inhabit.

Finding the best place for your vanity set

Once you have considered the practical side of vanity shopping you still need to decide where the best place to put your vanity. Many people assume that vanity sets are only found in bathrooms and bedrooms but depending on the style you choose there are various locations throughout your home where your vanity set will look amazing. Below are some ideas to help you decide on the location of your vanity set.

Bathroom vanity cabinets are a wonderful and practical idea, and are also a stylish way to bring functionality to your bathroom. Depending on your personal needs and taste, you can choose from the simple elegance of a glass bowl and stylish mirror or a cabinet that lines the expanse of your bathroom wall. The latter type is perhaps more suitable for families, or those who use a wide variety of bathroom products - vanities can offer stylish storage options to hide a multitude of sins!

Vanities are also ideally placed in the bedroom, where they can become action central for your preparation for the day ahead, storing all that you need to get ready to face the world. Wooden vanities can add a wonderful cosy feeling to a bedroom, enhancing the comfort and serenity of your safe haven from the world.

Vanity sets are also ideally used in many other locations in your home - add a unique point of interest to your entrance hall or family room with the addition of a vanity. Whether you want to check your hair one last time before you leave the house, or use your vanity for extra storage space, these are items of furniture that will do the job with style.

Use the functionality of a vanity set to enhance the beauty of your home. Practicality has never looked so good!

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