Alternate Therapies

Alternate Therapies - Do they work and how much do they cost?

Perhaps not since the dawn of modern medicine have we been so aware of alternate therapies that are different and sometimes complementary to conventional 'western' medicine. It used to be the case that you went to your doctor and he/she gave you some pills and (hopefully) the problem was cured or just went away. Mostly that is still the case, but many people have problems that GP's cannot or will not cure and look to alternate sources of comfort and sometimes healing.

In this section we shall cover some of the alternate therapies that are avalailable, speaking from experience where possible to give you an idea of what the therapy is about, how many treatments it will take and how much it should roughly cost per session and for a course of treaments.

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 Alternate Therapies

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Bowen Therapy A Bowen Therapy session consists of a series of extremely precise, gentle 'moves' on skin (or through light clothing). My wife is a therapist and I have had several treatments, usually because for a b... 2011-04-23
Stop Smoking Is there an easy way to stop smoking? Unfortunately no. The biggest thing in your favor if you want to stop smoking is a sincere desire to stop, right now, quit smoking, kick the habit once and for al... 2011-04-23
Hair Removal Before making the decision to have electrolysis treatments, you must be sure that you are spending your time and money with a qualified Electrologist.... 2011-04-23
Alternative Health Care Mind-body medicine deals with the connection of mind, brain, body and human behavior and the intense ways that mental, emotional, spiritual and even social and behavioral characteristics directly infl... 2011-04-23
Probiotic Bacteria How often do you see a product, mainly yogurt (but also yogurt-based drinks etc), that claims to be a probiotics containing 'friendly bacteria'? You may ask yourself what are these 'friendly bacteria'... 2007-01-16
Perfect Man Is your man perfect? If you answer yes to this question then you are either a liar or you haven't got past the 3-month honeymoon period... 2006-08-16

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