Building a Home

Experience The Dream Of Building Your Own Home

Building your own home can be very vindicating and is a project that can unite a family together for a single purpose. 

Buying a home for your family is very hard work, but building one is a dream that very few families get to experience for themselves. 

Designing a house for yourself can be very fulfilling to you.  However, there are a few steps that you will need to follow closely to get yourself and your family ready for the challenge.  First things first, you should set down together and devise a budget.  Building your own home can save you money, but you have to have a price point in mind, of what you can afford.  There are several ways to look at this.  Do you have any money that you have saved specifically for this build?  Some people think about this for years, but never put any money aside.  If you do not have enough cash on hand then you can try and obtain a loan, from a financial institution. 

After you have got the money situated, then it is time to pick a location, and find the piece of land that fits in with your idea, and your budget.  In doing so, make sure that this is where you want to live for a while.  After the location has been chosen and retained, then it is time to get the land properly checked out, to make sure that it is appropriate to build on.  You do not want to be building your home on unstable ground.  When the company has checked out the land and given you the green light, then it is time to set down and have a meeting with the builder.  He will be able to give you advice on things that you should do and not do when building a home.  Part of his job should also be to advise you on any permits that you must retrieve, and any codes or laws that you have to follow. 

Once you are satisfied with the advice that you have received, and then it will be time to finalize your plans for building your own home.  You should draft your final proposal, and include all of your sketches and ideas to the builder in writing.  It is always a good business move to get quotes from more than one contractor, and you should choose the one that you can trust.  Call the better business bureau and do a thorough search before committing to a choice.  Once the choices are decided, you are ready to commence with the building of your own home.  

The Process of Building Your Own Home

At the beginning of the construction, the electric and water lines should always come first.   Next, the ground must be cleared and leveled.  You must complete this step in the process before the foundation can be poured.  When there foundation is poured and set up, then you are ready to construct the floors.  Primarily following the completion of the installation of the floors, comes the frame for the walls, and finally the roof. 

If your dream home consists of more than one floor, then you have to repeat the steps again, before they start the process of putting on the roof.  The physical part of the job for the builder will stop here for now.  This is because next in the wake of building your own home, the plumber must be called into install all of the pipes in the home.   This step usually is completed in the matter of a few weeks. 

When the plumber is through then it is time for the cooling and heating system to be installed.  When the installation is complete, it will be time for the handy work of the electrician that you choose to come in and wire up the entire house.  

Now it is going to be time to get the contractors team back to work.  Their first objective will be to provide the residence with insulation, to contain the heat and cool air from leaking out.  Once the home is securely insolated, it will be time to put the sheet rock up, to secure the frame and construct the walls.   The next portion of the job of building your own home will be one that you can hire a professional for, or you may choose to do yourself.  That step is the painting of the home.   Some people will do the painting for themselves, as a way to save some money, that they can use to do additions to the outside of the house with.  Painting can also give you a chance to inspect the inside of the house, and make sure that it is done to your liking. 

Your next decision will come by how you choose to handle the covering of the floors.  Some people may prefer to go with hardwood and vinyl tile, while others choose to put down carpet in some areas of the house.   This is strictly a choice of convenience for most, because it will have no direct bearing on the time or cost of the construction.  The builder will usually interject back in at this point in time, and install the cabinets and closet shelving that you have picked out.   Even though by now you are probably biting your nails off, and are ready for the building of your own home to be finished, there are still a few things that can stand in your way yet.  The home must pass a final inspection.  This is a way for the homeowner to be provided with some added protections.  They will do an extensive search of the premises, to make sure that everything in there works up to codes and regulations.  

When they have finished it will be up to the homeowner to obtain a permit to occupy the residence.  Unfortunately this can not be retrieved any sooner in the process.  The good news is that once you have retained the permit you will now be free to move in your dream home.  The wait is over and the relief sets in.  You have made it to the end and can see the light at the end of the tunnel finally.  If you knew that building your own home was going to be so rewarding, then you might have saved the money a lot faster.  Never the less you are ready to secure your families future for years to come.