Home Building Plans

Home Building Plans

Buying a house is not an easy feat. If you are buying a ready-built house, chances are the floor plan is not really to your specifications. You might have spent some considerable time already looking for that perfect dream house. Ready-built houses are not unique for the same floor plan is used to build several units. Some features that could make your ready-built home different from the rest are its exterior colour or details in the finishing - like bricks or stucco.  When planning on buying a new house, it is best to also consider building one from scratch so you can finally realize your dream house. If you have decided to build your own house, here are the necessary steps that you should take.

Buy the building land first.

If you already have a parcel of land for your new house, so much the better. If not, you could always look for a realtor to find a plot for you. It is important that you know exactly what you want in terms of land features. How much space do you want? What area do you want to build tour house? What are the structures that you foresee adding in the future? These are important issues that you need to address. You don't want to end up building your house in the mountain when you wanted one to be built near the waterfront. Check the quality of soil as there are certain types of soil that are not suited to be built on. Once you have found the lot and the necessary fund to buy it, and then purchase the land. 

Customized or Ready-Made Building Plans? 

It's time to look for the perfect home building plans for you and your family.  Browse online for ideas. There are thousands of house plans that are available online. There are magazines too that you can peruse for various house plans and building ideas too. Here are some points to consider when choosing home building plans.

If you can't find the right home building plans for your house, then consider getting the services of a professional builder or architect.

Choose your building architect

If you weren't able to choose a ready-made blueprint for your new house, then get an architect. You can ask friends for recommendations. You can also find architects in the local yellow pages or search online.  Once you have found an architect set an appointment so you can discuss your vision and personally show him or her the actual site. Talk to two or three more architects so you can have more options. Here are some points that need clarification between you and the architect.

Choose the architect that you think can meet your needs.  Once chosen the architect can now start to draw the schematics for your house, present it to you and make modifications if need be.  Once you are satisfied with the schematics the architect can then draw the first draft. The first preliminary drawings are important because this is when you will be able to see the concept of the architect as he or she executes your dream house. Make sure that you study the initial floor plans very well and ask as many questions that you can think of. There might be hidden errors and gaps that you can't see so it's best to have someone who knows a little about reading floor plans to take a look too. Sometimes, getting the opinion of a potential building contractor is favourable at this stage too.

Note that any change in room or area dimension has an overall effect on the whole building plan. Don't be indecisive at this point as any changes during the actual construction would greatly affect the cost of the building.  Have you decided on the basement yet? If not this is the stage where you must decide if you want one constructed. Before making your decision final, then better solicit the advice of the architect.   Adding a full basement is expensive. If you decide not to put one now but change you decision at mid-construction, then that would really cost you!