Basements and Cellars

Uses for basements and cellars

In this day and age of economic turmoil; buying a new house because you do not have adequate living space may not be the most feasible option; however, most people fail to realize that a cellar or a basement can easily be turned into an extra bedroom, study, kitchen or bathroom. People generally undertake remodelling projects every few years; a basement or cellar conversion is no different; however, you will not just be updating the look of your home rather you would be adding to it.

A few years ago it was the norm to choose loft repair to add to the living area of a home; however, the exorbitant cost associated with the procedure of loft conversion and the attention to intricate details such as the need for a new staircase, building permits, plumbing, installation of a new water connection etc has compelled home owners to shift their gaze to the lower areas of their home such as basements and cellars.

The primary issue that people encounter when planning cellar or basement conversion is the dampness that can be found in these areas. However, there are several procedures that can be used to waterproof these areas of the home; notably cellar tanking which can eliminate the risk of dampness all together; so, if you haven't yet considered basement conversion, you should certain should because it will also add to the value of your home.

The things to consider before planning a basement or cellar conversion project

Plan the type of space you need: This is a very important aspect to consider when contemplating a basement conversion project; you will need to know what type of space you need; for instance, the basement can be converted into a bathroom or a kitchen or even a bedroom with bath attached but for all of these options , you will need to install the appropriate plumbing and water supply network in the area.

Your budget: The amount of money that you are willing to spend will also have a bearing on the type of space that you will be able to get; for instance, a simple living area like a study or a kids room will not require a hefty budget; however, the same cannot be sad about areas that will need plumbing and electrical installations among other things

The amount of time you intend to spend in the house: Basement or cellar conversion projects are not only expensive but also time consuming and even though you can increase the value of your home by augmenting the living space you may not want to undertake such a cumbersome procedure unless you intend to stay in the house for a couple of years to enjoy the fruits of you labour.

The different expenditures that should be considered when planning basement conversions

Electrical: If you own an old home, you may find that your electrical system needs an upgrade before you plan a basement conversion project
Plumbing Depending on the type of living area that you need; you may have to invest in plumbing; for instance, if you intend to remodel the basement into a kitchen or bathroom
Heating: Most basements are cool because of their subterranean placement and so you will need to install some type of heating system in the area
Staircase: Depending on the point of entry into the basement, you may also have to purchase a staircase that leads to the area. For instance; while cellars may have an entry from inside the house; typically, basements open outside and hence, you will need to design a staircase and point of entry.
Flooring: There are several choices as far as basement flooring goes, you can choose plush carpets or stately hardwoods or you could opt for the modern flooring versions of vinyl or tiles.
Ventilation: The basement or cellar will also need some sort of ventilation so you will also need to include the cost of installing doors and windows in the area.

Some fantabulous basement and cellar conversion ideas:

A separate living room: If you are wondering why do you need a separate living area in your home; think of it this way if you have college aged kids; this area may prove to be their very own personal space and it would be wonderful to not walk into your house to find their teenaged friends sprawled over your couch. The space may also serve a purpose if you have guests or relatives over frequently or even if you have parents who need to live with you for while. Apart from this, you could also rent this space out and make a neat extra income

An additional bedroom: If you have limited sleeping space in your house or if you often receive guest who stay overnight, you can easily convert the basement into an extra bedroom or guest room. This option may also be suitable for you if you constantly have to play the referee between your kids who share a bedroom.

Wine cellar: Well, cellars were originally designed for the purpose and this option may be particularly well suited for all your wine connoisseurs out there; however, you will need to ensure that there is no dampness in the area and that you install a temperature control system before you convert the area into a wine cellar

Home theatre: The unused basement area is the idyllic place for a home theatre; so that you can catch a movie without ever getting out of your home.

A Gym: You may need to install a sauna and invest in Gym equipment but if you have some extra money and are into fitness, you should certainly consider this option.

A game room: A lot of people also like to use this area as a game room for family and friends; all you will need is a pool table, some video games; a lot of home games and bar on one side of the room.

Office Space: This space can also be used for a home office; if you have a home based business; you will be able to use this separated area as the prefect work space away from the living area and its hustle and bustle. A basement can provide a very peaceful working environment; once again ensure that there is no dampness in the area that may wreak havoc on your electronic gadgets.

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