Cowboy Builders

How to Avoid Cowboy Builders

We've all heard frightening stories about cowboy builders who claim to be professionals or experts. They charge a fortune for repairs and renovations and leave the property in a far worse state than when they started.  Cowboy builders have also been known to impose additional unnecessary building work and use low quality building materials aside from overcharging for the entire construction.  They pocket more money than the actual work done and have a tendency to leave jobs unfinished.  You end up with an unfinished work and additional expenditure to rectify the bad job.

According to the Office of Fair Trading, UK home owners had incurred losses in the amount of 1.6 billion British pounds as remedial costs due to the unsatisfactory or substandard construction work done by unskilled and unreliable cowboy builders. As such, it is of primary importance that you avoid cowboy builders at all costs in any of your building ventures.

What are the warning signs you may be dealing with a cowboy builder?  Cowboy builders are generally not accredited with any national trade association.  But here are more telltale signs that you are in the presence of a cowboy builder:

Guidelines for avoiding cowboy builders 

Alternatively, you will be better off with a reputable building contractor to build your new house or do some renovations to your existing house.  Follow these simple guidelines in selecting a legitimate and qualified contractor or building firm in the UK.

"I would stress that people check, check and check again. My builder came recommended but has taken 12 months to do a 6 month job and used v poor materials. The stress this man has caused me just makes me so upset"


"ive had a builder who brought along his "apprentice" who instead of doing work here went next door to do their job"