Floor Tiles

A Close Look at Floor Tiles: Types, Costs and Tips on Installation

Floor tiles have been favourite materials to complete the look on your floor.  Whilst some homes favour the use of floorboards, some of you would rather make use of tiles instead.  The good thing about floor tiles these days is the fact that you may get them in various shapes, designs, colours and sizes.  This being so, you are assured to get better aesthetical value to your home.  Of course, that is without sacrificing the functions of these floor tiles.

There are varied types of floor tiles offered in the market.  Depending on the type, cost considerations differ as well.  Even if the choice is yours to make, you must not overlook essential pointers on the purchase.  To help you decide on the floor tiles to use in your home, look into the basic types of floor tiles and how much each costs.

Types of floor tiles and their corresponding costs

Aside from the usual quarry, stone and ceramic tiles for the floor, there are other types of floor tiles to include on your list.  Basically the cost for each square foot of tiles is presented as follows:  quarry at £2.09; ceramic from £3.05 to £9.15; and stone from £4.27 to £12.20.  This does not include the installation cost though.  For more information on other types of floor tiles, read along.

How to install floor tiles

Looking into the cost and features of the types of floor tiles mentioned above, you are now more than ready to begin the installation project.  You always need to give high regard to the measurement of your floor areas though.  This is crucial in determining the number of floor tiles to use in the entire project.  The following rules are to be followed

Of course, you should not forget about extras found on your underlying surface.  You should remove any nails or tacks that may cause some cracks on your floor tiles.  If you are laying the tiles over existing floorboards, make sure that the boards are not loose.  Should you find some parts loosening up, fix them with the aid of screws.  In this way, your floor tiles will look neatly as overlays to your floors.