Garage Building

External Building Costs of Garages and Other Buildings

Cost estimates for general exterior building work in the UK. This category concentrates on external buildings such as a garages, a conservatory, and or for Roofing, as well as smaller jobs such as Garden Sheds, Garden Walls and Garage Designs.

Building Category Description Units Price Info
Building a UK Garage Brick, detached, cheap local builder. m2£180-360  
Brick, detached, local qualified builder, incl concrete base m2£400-675  
Wood, Supply and Self-build, no concrete base m2£23  
Wood, Pre-fabricated, no concrete base m2£50  
Detached Garage 6mx3m pitched roof with electrics window and side door
per garage £8000 Top quality
Wood, detached, local joiner, incl. concrete base m2£90  
Building Roofer Labour costs per hour £14-20  
Minimum charge m2£40  
Renew flat roof by professional roofing company using highest quality felts per m £40  
Re-tile roof, incl. Supply, Tiles and labour costs m2£60-100  
Conservatory Basic building supply and build price m2£225 info
Refurbish flat roof Professionally fix a leaky flat roof m2£40-60  
New external fascia boards Fascia length per m £40  
Garage Design Detailed Garage Constrcution Drawings per garage £75 info
Greenhouse Click for more info m2£60-100 buy
Log Cabins Click for more info m2£70-100 info
Summer Houses Click for more info m2£180-225 info
Garden Wall  1000 bricks £400  
Swing Garage Gates Full system with cool iron gates  £1199 buy

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"Are these prices up-to-date (Sept. 2014) or what date were they estimated?"

Ed Randall

"Great article for those looking for a roof tile supplier lancashire"

B and M Henderson

"we build garage 4m by 6m datached roof with material 6900£.07510730475"


"Why on earth allow the 'Rain Man Gala Night' advert to mask out displayed pricing when printed? "


"Quite right! I thought I'd fixed that issue ages ago, but seems to have crept in again somehow. The prices are quoted in m^2 but were actually given in ft^2. I'll correct them asap."

Jon P

"brick built garage £75 m2? Rubbish!"