House Extension Prices

How much will an extension to your house cost?

An extension to your house can be a easier option to moving for gaining more living space, but how much will it cost for types of extension of different sizes?

The table below gives examples of the range of prices we have had submitted. As a rough idea you can typically say that it will cost at least £1000 per m2 or  93 per ft2 including basic plumbing and electrician work. This price is per unit area of internal floor space and so a 5x4m single floor extension will have a total floor area of 20m2 and a double storey will have 40m2.

Here are some prices from Whatprice users and personal research. The amount of information submitted varies and what you see is what we get! If you have any of your own feedback then please fill out the form at the bottom of the table and help this project.

House Extension Prices: Disclaimer
Category Average Cost Price Range Units Last Updated
£25500 £9500-34000 per house 2014-09-22
£5800 £3600-8000 per item/job 2015-01-04
£10010 £30-15000 per m2 2014-12-17
Double storey £42875 £49-94000 per house 2015-01-02
Double storey £47052 £10000-148000 per item/job 2014-07-10
Double storey £16275 £500-145000 per m2 2015-07-02
Planning costs £5290 £1000-27000 per item/job 2014-09-09
Single storey £23381 £800-100000 per item/job 2015-06-28
Single storey £3295 £500-24000 per m2 2015-07-05

Typically, a single storey extension will cost more per metre squared than a double storey. In theory a triple storey would cost less still. In practise the difference in cost may be small though. The price per square metre also depends on the size of the property. There are basic costs that don't increase too much with size and hence the cost per square metre will decrease as the floor area increases.

The price for a home extension depends on several factors

As an example the final cost of the project could comprise of

The fixtures and fittings aren't just electrical and plumbing work but all the plastering and floor work. The shell build includes the windows and external doors plus roof.

A general process for getting an extension built might be

  1. Sketch out some plans/ideas yourself
  2. Approach an architect and get some detailed drawings made
  3. Apply for planning permission
  4. Get some quotes in (can be done before planning permission if not sure on budget I guess)
  5. Agree contract with builder. A useful suggestion that some people have done is to break down the payment into different sections based upon completion of job.

This is just a simplified overview, you will also need to get building regulations approval and permission (at least no dispute) from your neighbours as well.

Please try our new (added 2011) extension calculator which will estimate the cost of your extension based on external dimensions, roof type and number of storeys.

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