Building Jobs

Building Jobs for the Skilled and Unskilled

The building construction business in the world has never gown down the slope. Whether there is an economic slump or a hike in the overall cement prices but this is the only sector which never fails to make its market share. The building construction sector has recently diverted into new horizons as now the competition in this sector has grown immensely as the world now witnesses the tallest building in Dubai that is more than 800 meters tall (200 meters short of one complete kilometer in the sky).

The promising factor of this industry is that it offers lots of jobs to people belonging from different fields of life. The construction company will require many of skilled and semi skilled labor and management staff for efficient running of their process.

There are many types of building construction tasks. Most of them will be like construction of a small house for a permanent living place or making huge sky scrapers for multinational companies, stock exchanges, banks etc. Each type of building has its own individual type of framework and architectural design to be worked out and hence for its construction, you may need to hire special tools and equipment and experienced labor and management. The point here is that the construction sector offers a large number of employees to be hired and trained for special duties to be performed.

Jobs in the Building Industry

Here we will see step by step method of the building construction and how it evolves around the labor involved in it. The first thing that we ever do to make a house or something is to buy a land and when you buy it you just don't start working on it rather you have your real estate lawyer that checks the documentation and legal verification. This lawyer can be charted privately or if you are dealing with a real estate property dealer then he must be hired by the dealer. This lawyer is the very first man who will evaluate the legal aspects of the land. Then comes the engineering staff which includes the design and structure engineers and architecture engineers who will draw a map of the building on which the Finance advisor will give its cost and benefits. Both the engineering team and the finance team must be graduates with some experience in the engineering sector which is required on project to project basis. Some small projects may not require very highly experienced engineering staff while other may hire the world's most renowned architects for the construction of their benchmark.

Now, here we have to see another aspect of these graduate professionals, and that is they must be recognized by the local body of their association. Architecture engineers in British have to be a part of the Royal Institute of British Architects and a surveyor who is responsible for giving a feasibility report about the location and its harms should also be recognized by Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. Other then all these engineers must also be formally recognized and should be a member of the authorized charted body. This practice helps the fraudulent and unprofessional people to stay away from the business.

Now comes the real project time when all the work is to be managed and completed in a cost efficient and timely manner, for this the construction company has to hire professional managers who can perform this task well. Normally these managers are well experienced and they have a good know how about the all the ongoing activities from head to tail that are to be performed while construction so these professionals are highly paid and must be well experienced for efficient task management. Again these may include different managers that also depend from project to project, for a normal project you may require only one project manager who will look after the procurement, administration, quality and everything. Other projects may include a project manager who is responsible for the daily execution of the task like managing the labor, appointing supervisors, deciding leaves and managing labor.

The Procurement Manager here is a very important appointment as he controls all sort of purchasing of every scale in the project that may varies from buying small bolts to cement for concrete.  But all these purchases are to be done in a given period of time and the purchase manager also ensures that no material runs out of stock from the stores and everything must be in well enough quantity as to mention the daily construction process. Yet another task of this manager is to buy all the required material of the best quality and of the lowest price, either by negotiating or exploring new resources. But one thing that is to be ensured is that the quality required should not be compromised otherwise it will directly affect the building and its strength.

As previously explained that the managers are required on project wise basis and in larger projects where there is a large purchase quantity and there is a risk of sub quality material to be procured- companies' use the QC department, the Quality Control department has to make sure that everything purchased is of standers quality and is fit to use. The QC manager may be a chemical engineer who has a well knows how about laboratory practices to check the worthiness of the material. All of these managers are sometimes required to be a part of an authorized body but in staff managers sector this is not really necessary. But for example in United States there is a body called Construction Management Association of America (CMAA).

Another first line managers are the Finance or Accounts managers, they are responsible for maintain the accounts of the construction company and awarding checks to the suppliers or subcontractors. Yet again these are recognized by accounting bodies like, ICAEW (UK), CFA (USA).

As far as we have seen yet, we have just talked about all the skilled management staff but there are managers also who are out there who are supervising all the construction process, these are the engineers mostly Civil Engineers who are responsible for the operational activities. They must be graduate (4 years). After this manager there is another class which works all day long with their hands and this is the ground labor? The labor is the most essential element on the company payroll as it is the end builder, these are normally paid in daily wages or hourly wages in some countries but managing the labor is a difficult task and they must be looked after.

Other Building Jobs

Other jobs in the construction sector come after the completion of the project and these include the interior designers. Now this can be a tricky part as you may not be having an idea that how much they are going to charge you for a little room even, for example the famous Italian designer Giorgio Armani may cost you more than the building itself for interior designing. So this again depends upon the scale of the project. 

Whatever the construction project may be, one thing that can be concluded is that this sector offers a vast variety of jobs for almost all kinds of professionals to work together.