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Sash window repairs can reduce the overall cost of maintaining your home, while giving an opportunity to retain original features and help the environment. Sash windows are an excellent design that have not been improved upon much since their initial conception. With technology that spans centuries there are always improvements that can be made. It is very common to upgrade your traditional sliding sash windows with simple hidden draught proofing systems that make a significant impact on heat retention whilst reducing annoying rattles, icy draughts, and reducing noise pollution.

Sash window repairs do not necessarily need to be upgrades. Many sash windows require simple repairs such as sill replacement, lower sash repairs, new glazing, or small timber splices to the box frame. These repairs should not warrant the cost of entire replacement. It is very normal to restore a sliding sash window in poor condition that needs overhaul, sill replacement, lower sash replacement, and a draught proofing system for less than half the cost of entire replacement. Sash window companies will be able to advise you accordingly on the best way to repair your sash windows. This type of repair has been the general trend over the last fifteen years. We have seen the number of companies on the internet advertising sash window repairs rise from a handful to hundreds. This general trend has helped thousands of home owners cost effectively repair their original sliding sash windows.

In some cases sash window repairs are essential. If your property is grade one listed then retaining as much of the original window is always deemed the most sympathetic course of action to keeping a building appearance the same as when it was originally built. Careful sash window restoration of this nature is carried out by only a handful of companies since the repairs are so extensive and require extremely experienced craftsmen to match existing profiles and sections exactly.

Here is an example of where repair is necessary even though replacement costs are similar


Sash Window initial


In recent years sash window repairs have seen the introduction of a modern 'resin repair' system. It is essential to use resin in conjunction with quality timber splicing and as part of a repair system. Resin repairing should not be a solution to negate the need for quality craftsman working on your windows. Resin is an excellent compound that can be shaped without any movement after application. It lends itself to repairing intricate profiles. Being an excellent adhesive it is also very useful in holding joints together and bonding timber repair splices.

While repairing sash windows you may consider upgrading with double glazing. There are many useful reason to double glaze your sash windows. The obvious reasons are - improved heat insulation, less noise pollution in and out, better security, reduced condensation, and naturally reduced heating bills to maintain the same temperature within your property.

There are three main ways in which to double glaze your sash windows. The cheapest solution if your sashes are capable is to install double glazing into the original sashes. This can only be achieved if the sashes are thick enough, that by rebating them to hold a double glazed unit, they are not structurally compromised. It is certainly the most popular method because not only the most cost effective, allows the use of your original windows. The next method is to replicate the sashes to hold a double glazed unit while maintaining the same profile look and using the original frame. This method is a very viable alternative to entire replacement as there is a saving of around 40% of complete replacement to be made. The last solution is an entire new double glazed sash window. Although more expensive, it will allow a larger air gap within the sealed unit, thus improved energy efficiency. The other main benefit of entire replacement is that most sash window companies supply new joinery with a ten year guarantee and a spray system.

With this information in mind it would be well worth contacting sash window repair companies to discuss various options that you have with your original windows. As you can see from the pictures above almost any repair on site is possible, it's simply a case of whether repairs can be cost effective. Retaining your traditional sliding sash windows should certainly cost less than modern uPVC alternatives!