Types of Tiles

Welcome to the World of Tiles: A Look at the Different Types and Costs

Tiles are important items used not only to provide surface furnishing to floors and walls.  They also serve in accessorising the look of the entire household.  No residential or commercial project will be complete without the help of tiles.  These items are highly favoured because of the aesthetical and functional contributions they deliver to every edifice.

Tiles do serve as protective coverings to the floors and walls in your home - starting from the facade going straight to the living room then to the kitchen and dining areas.  Your bathrooms and bedrooms show much beauty with the presence of these overlays.  At an overall viewpoint, tiles are considered as one of the most favourite materials to provide beauty to your kitchen and bathroom renovation as well as your home construction.

Basic types of tiles

Welcoming you to the world of tiles means giving you an idea of the different types found under the decorative material.  The classification presents an idea of how each of the subcategories is made and why they are favoured.  Take a look at the following basic types of tiles.

Costing for the basic types of tiles

You have already looked into the processes involved in each type of basic tiles.  Apart from knowing where these materials are used, it also pays to know how much you will have to spend if you choose a particular subcategory.  Below are ideas on the cost of these tiles.

Knowing all these facts about tiles will help you choose the kind to use in your home.  If you are looking at price without sacrificing the functionality and aesthetical value of your homes, the choice will depend on the characteristics of the tiles.  If you are working on a tighter budget, you may consider the cheapest option.  Just make sure that you check on the tiles regularly.