Wall Tiles

Important Things to Know About Wall Tiles: Different Types and Installation Concerns

Wall tiles complete bathroom and kitchen projects.  It is favoured both in new constructions as well as in renovating your existing place.  Wall tiles come in different sizes.  Usually, you make use of smaller pieces placed on your kitchen sinks whilst larger ones overlaid on your bathroom walls.  You may also experiment with the designs as you think of starting your house project involving wall tiles.

Wall tiles are also considered decorative pieces for the home.  The aesthetic value of the product comes out once you and your professional team start to work on the project.  As soon as the wall tiles are overlaid the surfaces you want to address, you will surely be left mesmerised with what you see.  But of course, all these things will not be possible unless you do the job correctly.  Before going to installation tips for wall tiles, it pays to know the different types of wall tiles as well.

The various types of wall tiles

Wall tiles, just like other tile varieties, have a list of types to consider.  The most popular choices go to ceramic, glass, porcelain, mosaic and natural stone tiles.  Ceramic tiles are favoured for the lesser cost you will spend for the output whilst natural stone tiles are opted for because of its variegated trait.  Glass and mosaic wall tiles will help you experiment on accentuating your walls whereas the value of porcelain tiles is commendable because grains on such materials cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Amongst the list of the different variants for wall tiles, there is yet another one to tackle.  This one is known as marble tiles.  This type of wall tiles is pricier than the other types and is usually seen in expensive residences.  Since marble tiles produce a variety of patterns, colours, shapes and sizes, they are highly favoured in decorating the home.

A closer look at other considerations when picking wall tiles

The types of walls tiles have different characteristics that make them standout.  As a consumer, it is your choice as to which of the types of tiles to patronise for your project.  Budgetary considerations are essential parts of the process.  You also have to weigh the pros and cons of each type of wall tiles.

Since budgetary concerns were already mentioned, it pays to get an idea on the cost of wall tiles.  Ceramic tiles may cost you £3.96 per square metre whilst travertine tiles may cost as high as £9.99 a piece.  A porcelain tile with a matt finish is priced at £29.95 per square metre of project.  The price for wall tiles varies not only according to the type but depending on the finish given to the output.

Laying your wall tiles

Aside from concerns on types and pricing, learning to lay wall tiles is also an issue you must handle very well.  This will help you get the desired pattern out of the materials.  It is more than just preparing your materials and taking measurements of your walls.  Wall tiles should be laid according to the following steps:

These simple steps will make the entire job easier if you want to install wall tiles on your own.  Professional help may be necessary but not at all times.  As long as you know how to follow the rules, you will be able to create a mesmerising spot out of a bare wall.  Your friends will surely love seeing your wall tiles on your kitchen sinks and bathroom areas.  The home improvement will definitely become fulfilling once you see the output of your hard work.