Wooden Deck

Building a Wooden Deck

When you are building a wooden deck, it is always important for you to first have a detailed plan.  

Included in this detailed plan should be some very important topics.  Things to consider are: how big of a deck are you wanting to build, do you want the wood to be stained and treated, do you want the deck to be solid wood, and how much time and money are you willing to part with.  After you have thought about all of these things, try to compose a list of the pros and the cons of the pending project.   How big of a deck do you want to build? A pro might be the way the space will benefit your social life.  If you are a person that frequently likes to entertain guests, than building a wooden deck, can give you the option to do what you love better.   A con of this project however, may be that it is taking away from the out doors space, that you wanted to add a pool to enhance the same experience.  Doing the list will provide you with the knowledge that you will need to make a more informed choice. 

Most people know that it is always a good idea to stain and treat the wood to preserve its life span.  That is simple, you want it to last and look good for many years to come.  Do you want the job completed in solid wood?   This is a sticking point for a lot of contractors.  Most of them would prefer to build a wooden deck, with a realistic looking wood vinyl.  The reason that the majority of builders tend to feel this way, is that it looks real, but can be completed in half the time and has a better quality feel to it.  Authentic wood tends to be harder to lie and also rots fairly fast. 

Money is one of the biggest challenges that the everyday consumer will face.  Trying to decide not only how much to spend, but also how they are going to come up with the funds to pay for it.  With the crunch that the economy is in right now, a lot of people are putting off the idea of building a wooden deck.   This is also one of the reasons that a contractor may offer the alternative of using the vinyl. 

The next step is to draw a plan.  This is the creative part of the job.  It does not have to be perfectly proportioned but it does need to give the builder an idea to go on.  After you have come up with a sketch, it is time to find an expert.  There are a lot of good solid professionals out there, so you should be able to find one that you trust.  When the builder has had the chance to set down and review your sketch, he will then be obligated to discuss with you the materials, which will have to be bought to do the task.   Pay especially close attention to this part of the talk.  Some builders will require that the materials be paid for upfront.  They are usually discussed separately and are not part of the final price that is quoted to you. 

The only way to make a deck that you can be proud of, that will stand the test of storms and wind AND that you can build onto as years go by, is to prepare firm LEVEL foundations with concreted-in footings dug to below the frost level and that are adapted to sloping ground - before you start to build up your frame and boards.

After the building a wooden deck is going on, you should always make sure that the base of the foundation is solid.  Make sure that the beams are grounded properly and that it is even.  It is also a fine idea to make sure that the first boards that are laid are attached to the house.  This is so that you have a more stable deck, and also have easy access to it from inside the residence.  This should be so, even if the deck is not covered and is open.  What ever that you choose to do, do not mess up the footings.  If that happens then you are in a lot of trouble. 

The deck boards should always be placed up with their best side facing up.  Whether you decide to have a railing or not strictly come down to personal choice.  It is a factor that does not cause the price of the project to be higher in cost because they are easy to install.  Upon the completion of the building a wooden deck project, you will be filled with a sense of contentment. 

Enjoy the deck and revel in its beauty.  If you choose to have the deck done in solid wood you will have to do some routine maintenance.  It will be a task that is worth doing so that you will continue to enjoy the spectacular addition to your home for many years to come.