Car Maintainance

Car Maintainance Tips

The following articles provide helpful advice on maintaining your car. These articles are aimed at the average driver with limited or no previous experience of cars and automobiles. They range from the most basic of steps such as changing a car tyre, to details on how your car engine works and ways to maintain it properly. Probably the most useful article is one on 'changing your car fluids' and we at Whatprice suggest you read this one first!

This website/blog site has great information on how to avoid being ripped of by car mechanics

Engine Oil - The SAE rating system for oils/lubricants. What does that 'W' mean?

Engine Cooling - The how's and why's on your car engine cooling system. Why is in required and how do you maintain it properly?

Electrical Workings - Details on how the various electrical systems in your car work, from the battery down to the spark plugs

Engine Maintainance - How your car engine works, and ways to maintain it properly

Changing Car Fluids - Brake fluid, oil changes, washer fluid, transmission fluid, and more!

Suspension System - Explains how car suspension works, why it is needed, and how to maintain it properly

Car Tools - Gives a full description of common tools that you need to look after your car. These are not car tools for mechanics, but just for everyday drivers.

Changing a tyre - How to quickly, and more importantly, safely, change your car tyre if it is flat or suffers a puncture whilst driving

Car Fuel System - Explains the different car fuel systems and how to get the most out of your car when filling up at the petrol station

The majority of these articles have been written by Keven Shappel

Kevin Schappell maintains where he gives advice on car maintenance, buying, selling, insurance, and financing. A mechanical engineer and car guy, Kevin has decided to spend his online time helping others learn about carmobiles.

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