Car Running Costs

Car Running Costs

Everyone knows that running a car costs a lot of money. But how much is a lot of money? would you be better off taking the bus? Or is running a car well worth the money when compared to the cost of other forms of transport?

To see how these car running costs have been calculated, visit the car cost examples page.

Morris Minor 1.1 litre 5 door petrol 4,000 miles a year

Specific Item Annual Cost (£) Cost per mile (p)
Petrol 300 10
Car Insurance 150 3.7
Car Tax 0 (classic car) 0
MOT and Service 200 5
Wear and Tear 150 3.8
Car Depreciation 0 0
Total 800 20

Renault Clio 2001 1.2 litre 3 door petrol 12,000 miles a year

Specific Item Annual Cost (£) Cost per mile (p)
Petrol 972 8.1
Car Insurance 350 2.9
Car Tax 250 2.1
MOT and Service 100 0.9
Wear and Tear 179 1.5
Car Depreciation 833 7
Total 2503 20.9

Please submit YOUR car running costs! Just supply us with the annual charges you pay as well as the milage trhat you achieve and we will calcualte the rest for you. If you'd like to do it yourself then read our car cost examples page.

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"Morris Minor is not really an average example. Can we have some more modern cars? Thanks"


"Motorway services and other major road petrol/diesel stations are a higher price at their pumps BECAUSE maybe 90% of their sales are on a fuel card. I have a fuel card (self-employed) and the stations I can use (restricted/not all) often their pump price is say 99.9 for diesel, whereas I am only paying via my card 95.9 - its logical? Road Tax - there will always be a saving to be had, its all WHEN you road tax expires! If your vehicle\'s road tax expires Jan-March in a year, you will pay LAST YEAR\'S rate. Example my vehicle was due to go up to £270 per year in 2010 - paid £170 in Feb 09. By renewing it before Feb 2010 would still pay £170, whereas in April I\'d pay £200 (since the UK Government backtracked on the road tax hike)"


"Great Idea. Would be good id dated so the reader could make an adjustment for increases!"