Conservatory Building Costs

Cost estimates for general conservatory building work in the UK. This category concentrates on identifying and estimating all the costs the a new conservatory would incur.

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UK Conservatory Prices: Disclaimer
Building Category Description Units Price Info
Conservatory Basic building supply and build price per m2£250-500
Conservatory  With K glass per m2£750
Conservatory Luxury per m2£1000
Complete Conservatory Basic Shell per conservatory £5000+
Complete Conservatory Total cost per conservatory up to 30K! info
Radiators For extra warmth in winter per radiator £500
Furniture Second Hand per conservatory £50
Furniture  Settee etc per conservatory £500
Furniture Cane furniture per conservatory £1000
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Complete Conservatory Total costper m2£640
Complete Conservatory Total costper m2£525
Conservatory With K glass per m2£600
Conservatory to include laying the base5.4x3.3m £13500
ConservatoryLuxury per m2£1200
ConservatoryWith K glass per m2£600
ConservatoryTotal Cost per m2£17150
ConservatoryBasic building supply and build price with glass
per m2£22000
ConservatoryBasic building supply and build price
per m2£6000
ConservatoryBasic per m2£500